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I livestream games from WAYBACK. Retro gaming and indie games. Pixels, bits and low polygons.




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Anyone remember Rad Mobile the first Sonic The Hedgehog game?

Rad Mobile is an arcade Sega racing game from 1991. It was the first appearance of Sonic the Hedgehog... as a windshield ornament! The cars were sprites. Later they released the game retitled Gale Racer for the Sega Saturn with polygon cars.

I recently played the game and found it really challenge to rank high. The game has 20 levels starting in Los Angeles and ending in New York.

Nintendo DMCAs Yuzu forks on GitHub
  • Sam and Max Hit the Road is a great adventure game. I played it recently for the first time. Recommended.

  • So I played the original TimeSplitters last night

    So I played the original TimeSplitters last night. It was a PS2 launch title in 2000.

    The game got better with every level. Funny how the water graphics had no splash animation nor sound effects but did have reflections. Did anyone else notice that?

    My best score in Uplink yet, what's yours?
  • Back when Ambrosia made Mac ports. DEFCON was cool.

  • SCHiM - Release Date Trailer
  • Looks unique. I love platformers. I'd play.

  • Bethesda Quietly Removes Denuvo DRM from Ghostwire: Tokyo
  • Arguably the DRM is only worth it for the first month or so after launch. Once the sales start dropping it's pointless. It's annoying to the consumer either way though.

  • Kingdom Come: Deliverance II Official Announce Trailer
  • I level grinded so much in the first. Getting loot was so fun.

  • The sequel to Kingdom Come Deliverance will be revealed April 18th!
  • I loved this game. I grinded for hours and got tons of cash and nice equipment then I reached the point in the game where I think you can finally ride a horse and stopped playing. I should pick this up again. I think I got my save game backed up somewhere, but at this point I'd probably want to start again because I forgot much of the story Lol

  • New Amata trailer!
  • Cool trailer. This game looks right up my alley.

  • Playing Gran Turismo on my PS1
  • Hmm I think you're right, I might have confused GT1 with GT2. Both great games though.

  • The Weekly 'What are you playing?' Discussion
  • Yes the random battles in SoA do get kinda repetitive especially since many of them seem so easy and the game has you going back and forth on the world map with the same enemies that don't level scale at all with the characters.

  • Dracula the Undead for Atari Lynx

    Horror games with flashlight batteries give you anxiety? Imagine completing a point and click adventure game on a handheld before the batteries run out!

    I stumbled upon this retro game released only on the Atari Lynx called Dracula The Undead. Looks cool. Too bad it was never ported to the Jaguar CD.

    If you remember playing this, it means you had an awesome childhood.
  • Possible post by a bot account?

  • Suyu, a potential replacement for Yuzu
  • Haha the name. Sorry had to say it.

  • Game workers forced back to office oppose “reckless decision” from Rockstar
  • The article also links to another interesting article that begins by summarizing the disadvantages some employees experienced when the initial switch to working from home happened.

    1. Balancing work and kids at home;
    2. Finding space for a home office and learning new tools;
    3. Workdays at home alone;
    4. The line between work and life blurred.

    Number 1 & 2 should not be an issue for most people now. Number 3 & 4 are personal and should not be used as an excuse to implement a company wide policy on everybody.

    What does this say to the employee who disagrees with the company return to office "culture"? It says to them they aren''t welcome here. Imagine turning on your computer and being locked out. That's what happened during the Twitter X Corp takeover.

  • Game workers forced back to office oppose “reckless decision” from Rockstar
  • Everyone working a desk job with a computer in a physical office space together is just about as practical as a large group meeting where one or two people speak with no input from others.

    Some people may need to be in an office/meeting sometimes but most do not usually and it's a waste of time for the employee and a waste of money for the company. Just my opinion. ;)

    It's also basically a pay cut and a huge loss of benefits. What does Rockstar have to say about that?

  • AutoForge - Game that combines Terraria with Factorio?
  • Looks interesting. Terraria has been on my list but this looks even more interesting. Thanks for sharing. My wishlist is sooo long. Lol

  • Electronic Arts to lay off 5% of workforce, reduce office spaces
  • Maybe people are playing less games than a few years ago?

    The tech industry is eating itself. I think NVIDIA is making out ok though, AI has created jobs for them for now.

  • Why new fan blog “Final Fantasy VIII is the Best” is the best
  • Haven't played FFVIII since it was released back in 1998. From what I can remember I really liked it. Seemed to have a more mature story than most games at the time.

  • NiGHTS cameo in Sonic Adventure (1999).
  • Yeah I don't remember where that Nights cameo showed either. Anyone got a clue?

  • Primal Planet - Official Reveal Trailer
  • Pixel graphics and metroidvania! I'm in. The primal theme is interesting too kinda like the Primal TV show or the old 90s prehistoric caveman games like Joe and Mac.

  • Playing Gran Turismo on my PS1
  • Wow is that an original psx? I remember GT. One of the few multi disc racing/sim games. Some of the best graphics the original PlayStation had to offer. 👍

  • Free Free Stars: The Ur-Quan Masters on Steam
  • This is so cool. An oldie but goodie is back! Glad they figured a way to separate the copyright from the trademark. So many good titles get lost in limbo over ownership.