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Japan: 'Super spicy' crisps land students in hospital
  • It says they used ghost pepper. Pretty sure that's already been a challenge that's been done a bunch.

    You can get much hotter peppers if you want a challenge. Scorpion Peppers, Carolina Reapers.... Or the new king which is Pepper X.

    Check out for all kinds of super hot pepper hybrids and products made with them.

  • Two years after buying my $2,000 electric truck from China, here's how it looks now | electrek
  • Vehicle safety regulations in place prevent this.

    It's why domestic as well as Japanese cars have gotten so oversized and compared to 20 years ago.

    It's also why every car on the road looks alike. Automotive design is very restricted by regulation. They start with what they are "allowed" to make and have to work within the standards.

  • Watching videos of people screaming "shooter on the roof" at law enforcement
  • Shooter guy was ... fairly skilled

    Lol, not really. Hitting a bullseye on an 8 inch target is stupid easy at that distance with a rifle.

    Either his sight was not properly set, or he was not very good with it. Or maybe both.

    Who knows. Glad he sucked. It's just a shame his missed shots hit people.

  • Las Vegas' dystopia-sphere, powered by 150 Nvidia GPUs and drawing up to 28,000,000 watts, is both a testament to the hubris of humanity and an admittedly impressive technical feat | PC Gamer
  • Well you don't understand what "net" means.

    It doesn't mean literally zero. It means colunm A and column B average out to zero.

    To acheive a real net zero, they have to save energy somewhere else that takes that column past 100% (Such as if their solar panels produce more energy than they use during certain times.)

    They probably just make some shit up to say their are saving extra somewhere they aren't (so to that point, yes...credits are bullshit.)

  • It’s official: No Nintendo console has lasted as long as Switch without being replaced | VGC
  • The GameCube absolutely spanked the Dreamcast and PS2 in terms of performance

    But the PS2 demolished the GameCube in sales. Thet outsold them about 8 to 1. So that just makes it another example of the high end hardware NOT helping their sales like the comment you replied to was saying.

  • GOP Congressional Committee Approves Bill To Block Marijuana Rescheduling, While Rejecting State Cannabis Protections Amendment
  • Nixon had his AG add it to the schedule list with the stroke of a pen. It should be removed the same way. It was put on there with no foundation of any of the causes they now "must prove" in order to remove it.

    It's all for show to win votes for the election cycle (just like it was 4 years ago when it was promised in order to buy votes then).

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