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Why would someone openly say that they oppose human rights?
  • Some people live in dangerous places and believe that treating criminals like human beings is the same as ignoring their crimes. These people believe that human rights should only be for those who deserve it by not harming the "good citizen".

  • Does anyone feel like an actual adult?
  • I'm 27 and sometimes I don't feel like an adult. I don't have a job, I live with my parents (even though it's not as taboo here in my country), and I feel more like an older brother to my nephew instead of the uncle I really am.

  • why is the world suddenly focused on the irsali-palestine conflict and hamas group?
  • Israel is one of the US's biggest allies, calling the attention of the American media, and the world often talks about what the US is talking about. Didn't Zelenskyy talk about the Israel-Hamas conflict taking attention off Ukraine?

  • [RANT] I'm sick of the ocean boiling in Solarpunk fiction
  • Does anyone here live in a former monarchy? In these countries, the former royal families often want their power and prestige back. A solarpunk story could have the descendants of billionaires wanting their ancestors' power and prestige.