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why do pharmacies have these signs with whacky animations?
  • Also very common in South America.

    They don't exist in Germany.

  • Attitude to Religion and its believers.
  • [x] doubt

    Don't project your needs onto others.

  • Attitude to Religion and its believers.
  • At what age does one stop being an "edgy kid" in your eyes?

  • World's largest sodium-ion battery goes into operation - Energy Storage
  • Yup, no one outside of China uses anything made with Chinese technology, ever. Sent from my oil-powered mechanical smartphone /s

  • Looking for FOSS Games
  • Ones I've played (mostly when I was younger) and enjoyed a lot:




    Cube 2: Sauerbraten

  • ONLYOFFICE 8.1 released
  • "other superpowers" đŸ€Ą

  • PC Hardwareshops ohne Versandkosten
  • Der Support ist furchtbar, solange man heile Hardware bekommt, sind die preislich aber sehr gut.

  • KleverNotes Version 1.0 official release
  • Can I sync it with Nextcloud notes?

  • Germany to miss 2030 climate goal: experts
  • The reason for not reopening nuclear power plants is not "irrational fear", although that might be the reason for closing them in the first place, depending on your point of view. Reopening them is plain impossible in a realistic timeframe. Since the closure was something that had been decided many years ago, all of the plants that have been closed already are past their service limit and would have to be renovated / serviced before reactivating them, which is a lengthy process (5+ years). Additionally, some plants that were still open actually were used past their safety limits solely because Russia started a war and reduced our access to natural gas, which was meant to be a kind of intermediary (I know, far from ideal), but there is no feasible way of extending their use any further.

    In any case, we are not building more fossil capacity. The only kind of power generation that is being built up is renewable. Nuclear is no renewable source, the fuel is finite. Also, I wonder: what is Chile planning to do with their spent fuel rods? They are proving to be quite the problem for us, Google "Endlager Asse" for some sobering information.

    The expansion of coal mines is heavily contested here, we had lengthy and sometimes violent protests at the sites which were unfortunately quelled by police. Again, though - no coal plants were opened or even reopened. All of our coal plants have their end of life decided already and will be closed within the next few years.

    I don't know your linked sources (never heard of the site) and am not in the mood for checking their correctness or comparability, so I'm not going to argue about them.

    But, pretending that my country matters that much more regarding our emissions is a little dishonest. As a country, we make up less than 2% of Global emissions, with that figure shrinking rapidly (as your sources confirm, we are reducing per-capita and also total emissions year by year). I agree that saving the world from climate change depends on collective action, but kindly shit on countries that don't take said action and have a much larger impact on the planet (especially per capita), like, say, China, which has been building quite the amount of coal plants in the last few years or the US, which has insane per capita emissions and heavy opposition to any green technology.

  • Germany to miss 2030 climate goal: experts
  • The more important meaning in this context, imo, is the first one. Unlike solar, wind, hydroelectric power etc., nuclear energy is fossil in the sense that it uses a finite resource which cannot be replenished.

  • Germany to miss 2030 climate goal: experts
  • We haven't opened up any coal plants in the last 10 years. Only have been closing them down consistently. Go somewhere else with your populist misinformation please.

    Edit: also, I've been to Chile. 20 million inhabitants (1/4 of Germany) Is hardly "tiny". And on all those endless bus rides through the Andes and vast windy places, I've maybe seen 10 wind turbines total. Similar for solar. Electric vehicles and corresponding infrastructure basically don't exist. So kindly don't shit on a country that actually conducts meaningful changes while elevating your own, which evidently does much less.

  • Amarok, KDE's legendary music player, is out with version 3.0.1.
  • Yeah those glossy buttons etc don't fit in with the flat breeze theme at all. Looks like an unholy child of windows Vista and KDE 5

  • ‘Exterminate the beasts’: How Israeli settlers took revenge for a murder in the West Bank
  • Don't excuse terrorists with fancy words like "freedom fighters"

  • Rettung nach Unfall: Senior verhindert Landung von Hubschrauber
  • NatĂŒrlich kann der Opa was dafĂŒr. Ich bin auch der Meinung, dass Autofahrern viel zu viele Rechte eingerĂ€umt werden und Vergehen durch Autofahrer viel zu lax und inkonsequent geahnt werden. Aber nicht jeder Autofahrer umfĂ€hrt eine Polizeisperre.

  • Ehemalige RAF-Terroristin Klette in Untersuchungshaft | Ehemalige RAF-Terroristin Klette in Untersuchungshaft

    Nach jahrzehntelanger Fahndung hat die Polizei Daniela Klette in Berlin festgenommen. Die mutmaßliche Ex-RAF-Terroristin sitzt nun wegen mehrerer Raubtaten in Untersuchungshaft. Inzwischen gibt es eine weitere Festnahme.

    Ehemalige RAF-Terroristin Klette in Untersuchungshaft
    1 Über 100 Sterne verschwunden: Forscher rĂ€tseln ĂŒber den Grund

    FĂŒr ĂŒber 100 verschwundene Sterne gibt es bis heute keine vernĂŒnftige ErklĂ€rung. Die Forschung steht vor einem RĂ€tsel. Waren es doch Außerirdische?

    Über 100 Sterne verschwunden: Forscher rĂ€tseln ĂŒber den Grund