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Fairphone gets Android 14
  • Maybe im out of the loop with other OEMs but that's pretty late for a minimally customised ROM?

    Is it normal to have to wait 9 months from general availability for vendors to catch up? Is it a matter of treating the general availability point as a beta test or something?

  • I have breast cancer,
  • good on you for pushing though your comfort zone. bro hope you kick the shit out of cancer

  • Guess the Episode [Hard]
  • at one point, I'm fairly sure he refers to himself as a feeb

  • Guess the Episode [Medium]
  • is this the one with the burlesque house?

  • Level1Techs - Intel has a Pretty Big Problem
  • I think some of these were alluded to in the video but this is the only one I actually recall

    But then I don't see any mention of the pinnacle ridge segfault issues so hey,

  • Microsoft is not done yet: more ads spotted in latest Windows 11 build - gHacks Tech News
  • This is a fair point, an I had considered this to be a case but the store is capable of automatically updating apps in the background. I believe this is the default behaviour but I could be mistaken.

    There is also a chance a user may be directed to the store if they're required to buy the HEVC or install the AV1 system plugins.

  • Microsoft is not done yet: more ads spotted in latest Windows 11 build - gHacks Tech News
  • I'd be curious at the percentage of windows users actually using the store app.

    As for the context of these ads, the store would kind of make more sense than within your settings landing page, start menu, search dialog, browser nagware, solitaire app etc.

  • 7950X3D AIO or air?
  • I use a large tower cooler with a graphite pad because I'm kind of lazy, and fans are easy to replace should they go bad.

  • 7950X3D AIO or air?
  • The single CCD X3Ds generally operate at a lower power budget. I think the same is true to an extent with the 7950x3d

  • Liquid cooler for 7950X3D
  • Agreed.

    OP, I think you should ditch the coldplate display and pick up something like the Arctic Liquid Freezer III.

    I'm not big into AIOs and WC but I've only heard good things about its price/performance and reliability. It also has an offset mount option specifically for Matisse, Vermeer, Raphael etc.

  • Hawk tuah
  • it would be so funny if she spat on the mic in that interview.

  • Hawk tuah
  • Agreed. Held to such standards yet totally fine with the fact that they barely make enough to get by.

    Was probably some pearl clutching parent idk.

  • Hawk tuah
  • I read into it a little bit. It's kind of whack that she lost her job as a teacher because of that interview. That said, they're not exactly paid well enough. I hope she's making some paper these days.

  • Hawk tuah
  • I don't understand how this got so popular lol

  • [EA] Apex Legends™: Battle Pass Updates
  • I don't really care about skins in this game personally, the weapons already look great, the characters look kinda goofy at best but are not improved with skins in any way. The ballistics and movement are still decent.

    pour one out for the few remaining, loyal players who've been grinding out each pass from a fat stack of apex coins though.

  • I want to want new keyboards but I can't move on from this one
  • You made a post about strafe and that's where I know you from.

    I recently went back to 100% the game last week. Hangtime achievement was hard af.

  • Guess the Episode [Genius at Work]
  • Sike sike sike


    Super sike.

    They have a tennis court built and then get into a tournament. Jealousy ensues.

  • I want to want new keyboards but I can't move on from this one
  • It's not everyday I see a Strafe avatar on the internet!

    I love stomping on gluttons

    e: wait, I know you

  • Helldivers, what are your favorite loadouts?
  • Truly feels too good to pass up on

  • Just received my PineTime
  • I had no idea that was a thing! Cool!

    Thank you

  • Little guy hitch-hiked on my shirt when I went for a jog

    Got back home, took my top off and was surprised to see this little guy clinging onto the back.

    Took em out into the backyard and let them slowly crawl onto one of my plants. Not sure what kind of caterpillar this is but I think they were okay with their new spot.



    Those of you who deadlift semi supinated, do you ever alternate your grip?

    You might semi supinate your deadlift grip (one hand over, one under) for comfort & endurance at heavier weights. I believe some competitions even mandate this for safety reasons.

    Those of you who semi grip, do you ever alternate? If so, have you identified any benefits in doing so?

    A friend brought this up with me a couple months ago. It was a reasonable ask, and yet I've never thought to switch hands. I try to only use a semi grip when necessary (heavier sets, fewer reps).

    I've recently started experimenting with switching it around for a few higher volume sets. Is there any benefit from switching long term, or session to session?


    Modjo - Lady (Hear Me Tonight) (2000)

    Apologies if this has already been posted; sometimes my client apps have trouble fetching older submissions.

    Piped link if you prefer:


    Basically live in here Dirty, dusty garage gym

    Discover the magic of the internet at Imgur, a community powered entertainment destination. Lift your spirits with funny jokes, trending memes, entertaining gifs, inspiring stories, viral videos, and so much more from users.

    (Managed to sort out embedded images, had to compress them first)

    Welcome to my shitty, dusty garage gym.

    Practically all of my kit is from Mirafit and Fitness Superstore (UK). Primarily focused on weightlifting & bodybuilding.

    Power rack:


    Mirafit M100 Half Power Rack with Cable System.

    It's served me well over the last three years but I'm honestly surprised it hasn't fallen apart. It's no longer up for sale through Mirafit or third party retailers, and I can see why. Mirafit use OEM designs and stick their name on it. If you see a half power rack like mine, maybe stay away from it:


    The M100 half rack has a lower weight capacity (200KG) than the full M100 (250KG) due to its design. You'll observe a concerning sway with three or more plates a side. It has miraculously survived 180 KG back squats and rack pulls though it's definitely not something I could wholeheartedly endorse as a power rack alone. I went for a half rack at the time due to spatial constraints i.e. not having to delicately manoeuvrer a barbell in the confined garage space I have available.

    It did come with some bells and whistles, notably the plate-loaded cable / pulley system (with a couple attachments) and incline bench. Power racks with integrated cable systems can be exceptionally versatile provided you have the gear to supplement them:

    • Lying ham curl with a chain, ankle straps and an incline bench:


    • Seated leg extension with a chain, ankle straps and squat box:


    • Cable pull-down if you have a crossbar to keep you in place:


    Made some minor alterations to the rack:

    • Cut away some metal on the lower pulley housing preventing the lower cable from moving freely
    • Cut the wide bar cable attachment to actually fit within the confines of the rack (it was actually too wide before?!)
    • Picked up some after-market J-hooks to supplement the included barbell holders
    • Plate storage system (though it's in-line with the barbell(?!); if you don't walk the bar back enough, you'll hit it when you squat):


    I've gotten a tremendous amount of utility of this package as a whole, though it's let down by the overall flimsiness of the rack. If anyone could recommend a newer, sturdier half rack + cable system, I'd love to hear about it. Mirafit's newer half-rack designs (or whichever OEM they use) are much better, but tend to lack the pulley system option.

    Incline Bench:


    Mirafit M150

    Decent enough incline bench with a small footprint. Has a total weight total capacity of 260KG and is fairly affordable on its own. The design of this bench makes it somewhat unsuitable for barbell hip thrust from the side, as it has only three 'feet', but generally feels stable for most other exercises.



    Mirafit M3 7ft 20kg Olympic Barbell (28mm diameter, fine knurl, sprung steel) Lovely bar, no complaints. Generally chalk up for deadlift but it's a pleasure to use either way.

    Bodypower 7ft 20kg Olympic Barbell (30mm diameter, coarse knurl) Was a decent bar with a very coarse knurl. Would shred you up but it did its job. I've since handed this over to my cousin.

    350KG in plates, bunch of quick release collars

    Flooring: ARK Solid Black Rubber Mat CK (With Hidden Handles) X 4 (12mm thick) This was an afterthought and I deeply regret not having them to begin with. Please ensure you have appropriate flooring for your weights area.

    Other stuff:

    • Olympic dubmmell handles
    • Mirafit Squat box
    • Spinlock and fixed dumbell pairs
    • fuck knows how much in standard (1" diam) plates
    • Dumbbell & barbell storage / stands
    • Additional cable attachments (handles, bars, ropes)
    • Chain belt for dips and chin ups
    • Some old speakers in the corner



    I feel like I'm mostly covered but have made some substitutions. I do more working sets of squat in lieu of a plate-loaded leg press and a few exercises to cover the lack of a hack squat machine, but I haven't been back to a commercial gym since.





    Welcome to Home Gym

    Hey there,

    I wanted to recreate something like Reddit's /r/homegym community over here on Lemmy.

    It became one of my favourite spots during the lockdown. Despite the price gouging and supply issues, it was amazing to see people's creativity when it came to fitness at home:

    • We learned effective bodyweight exercises to keep us strong after the gyms shut down (like piston squat, nordic ham curl)
    • We built power racks out of whatever we had, capable of holding a good couple hundred KGs on a barbell (some excellent woodwork in general)
    • We improvised equipment and exercises with every day objects (a bunch of jerry cans and rebar for extra tricky front squat)
    • We got to understand how much you could get done in a modest space with just the essentials

    A decent home gym can be surprisingly attainable today, particularly with people shifting their own kit now that commercial gyms have reopened.

    Let's see what you're working with.

    Moderators wanted

    I'm not sure if I'll have enough availability to moderate a community. If anyone would like to take it off my hands, you're more than welcome to.