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Notifications Received in 30 Minutes of Class — LessWrong
  • Take away their phones ffs. Put them all in a box until class is over. If they are not on DnD for the duration of class, they will be confiscated for another period. Like... Let's go. Let's parent these mfs.

  • [Potential spoilers] My Spy The Eternal City - Official Trailer | Prime Video
  • I don't understand the minds of people who like those kinds of trailers, even if you explain it like you did. I would not want to know the entirety of what I'm getting into. I want to not have seen every single one of the top ten "best" jokes/scenes in entire movie before I go see it. There's no point in seeing it after that. WTF. It's all ruined.

  • Summer is the worst season of the year, isn't?
  • Yeah that sounds about right. I've lived two summers in south Florida and it was brutal. Summers here in northern Sweden are quite a lot milder, obviously. Very comfortable. But can also get very hot, as well.

    So a very local thing indeed.

  • Summer is the worst season of the year, isn't?
  • being forced to shower like every 3 hours just to not feeling sweaty

    Bro do you live in the desert? Or are you obese? Both? This feels like a very local/personal experience lol. Far from everyone has these issues with summer.

    Maybe it's all a joke and I'm whooshing hard but... Anyway.

  • Can't see comment replies

    Hey all. I'm having this issue where a bunch of content replies disappear on me. Or, rather, they are in my inbox, but when I click them to go reply and vote on them in the comments of the post where they are, they are completely missing from the thread/conversation. So to make it clear, they never disappear from my inbox, but they just can't be seen in the comments section itself, under the associated post.

    Is this a bug or expected behavior?

    Thanks for any help.