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How is Ubuntu Touch in 2024?
  • I can't quite remember the GPS situation. I believe I had something working, but I think it might have been something from the UT store, uNav. However I can't speak to GMaps since I do my best to avoid Google apps.

  • How is Ubuntu Touch in 2024?
  • I got really close to daily driving it. I had most of the stuff I wanted in waydroid on a pixel 3a. I just need to get the android notifications bridged out from android to dbus to postal and I'd make the switch

  • Wine 9.0 is now available
  • A lot of the time the version of wine will cause issues with the application, so if you have something working, stick with it.

    It would be worthwhile to look into a wine prefix manager like lutris or bottles for gaming. Regular apps can benefit also, but I am not up to speed on anything not for gaming.

  • Steam not launching games - no idea what to do [Solved]
  • Usually I start debugging this type of thing by killing all instances of steam and then launching it from command line. Steam logs a bunch of good stuff and putting it in context of your interactions helps. That said, based on what you've described, I would try older versions of proton, targeting releases back when games were launching. Proton/wine versions don't always work for all games and sometimes you'll need to launch particular titles with specific versions. Proton has been absolutely revolutionary, but these issues still pop up. ProtonDB might have reports on specific versions for specific games/titles.

  • Who Owns the Streets? How Cars Took Over Our Shared Spaces
  • This video was really good and there were sources listed in the description, but I would have liked to see sources linked in the video and some credits for the footage used. I didn't see any credits for footage and some of it didn't look like stock footage.

    The content of the video was really good though and covered a lot in 30 minutes without feeling dense.

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • I've been mapping my city with streetcomplete and using osmand live to download my edits, organic maps has a better address search though, so I use that too. I don't use the live traffic stuff, but osmand is capable of it.