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xkcd #2948: Electric vs Gas
  • A dead battery is far worse than an empty jerry can, atleast the jerry can is light. Hell there are even some real nice collapsible ones and thats not even accounting for fuel bladders. Electric is useful but it is also rather rigid as well.

  • Gay Water Rule
  • Hnnnnng Spooder oop voot

  • Gay Water Rule
  • Of course its actual words its English not French.

    I dont care what the French have to say, Oiseau should not be pronounced Wazoo.

  • Gavin Newsom wants to change the US constitution to stop gun violence – will he succeed?
  • Well for one assault weapon isnt a proper term, its like the term muscle car. Ya kinda get what someone means by it but it is not a solid enough term to be used for anything practical.

  • Gavin Newsom wants to change the US constitution to stop gun violence – will he succeed?
  • Also if they want to they could probably get a good bit of support by sponsoring independent ranges and firearm safety classes. Politically unaligned regional ranges would be fucken great to have, no having to worry about them being NRA bootlickers.

  • The US needs to build 2 million houses to revive the American dream of homeownership
  • Just be thankful we are using soemwhat sane measurements, ive witnessed someone use Humvee's as a measurement. It was in relation to a pool.

  • Sudan’s Manmade Famine
  • Yeah Haiti just kinda imploded. Sure it has a lot of the markers but there are sonmany other factors that it just kinda makes it a bit too grey.

  • Texas megachurch pastor resigns after admitting to molestation claims in 1980s
  • As my great grandfather used to say, "Its never too late to burry a man under his own skeletons" perhaps if you are feeling a bit vindictive you could do a bit of investigative journalism on em.

  • World First: California to welcome cannabis for sale and consumption at State Fair
  • I read that as cannibals at first and just kinda assumed that Imperial county did something weird.

  • And it just seemed like any other show.
  • Well ill give ya credit you thought about what it historically represents, but you are still missing the reason why it was/is so prominent. Southerners are ignorant as shit, I mean this is the most neutral why possible. They got fucked over by the old southern aristocracy and are still being fucked over just now its the new oligarchy. For someone to right a wrong they must be aware that a wrong needs to be righted, and frankly speaking most southerners are ill equipped for such a task.

    Also I really hope ya dont go round making accusations like that, bring attention to the problem gently. The worst theyll do is not listen, but if ya go in looking for a fight they are guaranteed not to listen. I made such a mistake with my kin out in Little Rock.

  • DJI drone ban passes in U.S. House — 'Countering CCP Drones Act' would ban all DJI sales in U.S. if passed in Senate
  • Given the fact that China keeps reuniting into a variably centralized series of states that claim continuity from eachother id say that is a several millenia old empire, warlord eras not withstanding. All im doing is applying the same rules a lot of folks including myself use for Rome, pre Roman Egypt, France, or most other empires.

    As for ruling cultures, well whoopedy doo the Manchus had problem with the biggest culture that they ruled over, thats so fucking common for ruling cultures that it barely even registers in my mind as notable. Sure it went on for about 300 years but thats still a drop in the rather large bucket that is Chinese hostory. Hell id say its more notable when a ruling culture starts out trying to assimilate and hybridize with those they rule, the Normans come to mind on that one.

    Frankly I dont care what the fucken CCP claims, empires and states spew a lot of shit from their mouths when the only thing that should be coming out is their own blood. I only care what the common people have to say not some weakling politicians or overworked bureaucrat have to say.

    And then finally the problems my ancestors had was with the southern English aka the Saxons, I know who fucked over my ancestors and I will carry on this grudge from them until every Saxon aristocrat and oligarch are lashed to crosses.

  • How One Chinese EV Company Made Battery Swapping Work
  • Or just save a couple bucks and go to a scrap yard and buy a car with a fucked engine, or no engine at depending how far into the process of being scrapped it is. Then convert it to electric.

  • DJI drone ban passes in U.S. House — 'Countering CCP Drones Act' would ban all DJI sales in U.S. if passed in Senate
  • When the fuck did I say that their naturally that way? Its a control tool, the Romans also used it to a degree. Its pretty hard to keep an empire as big as China going for severap Millenia without doing that type of shit.

    Also did I say that I didnt recognize the Yao, Zhuang, Bai, and Mongols as distinct ethno cultural groups? I was talking on my understanding of how quite a lot of Chinese folks see themselves, if you want my opinion on it then Id say the Han identity is probably split them into at least a dozen groups and its just cultural genocide and colonialism all the way down. But I refuse to recognize the concept of an American culture so im a bit biased on that front.

    And then finally I didnt know Irish, Scots, and Welsh thoughly identify with the English silly me. Seriously I will repeat myself, I was referring to the dominant groupsing in China not minority groups. But you do allow to make a solid point, who embrases and attemps to enforce the "British" identity the most is it the Scots, Irish, and Welsh or is it the colonialist bastards in the south of England? I am very aware of Englands tendency towards cultural genocide within Great Britain and Ireland, afterall half my ancestors fled to North America to escape the fucking Saxons.

  • Hogwarts is a dumpster fire
  • Honestly my reading was moreso that he was kicking them to get them to move across the swamp, like using a stick to herd animals.

  • Hogwarts is a dumpster fire
  • Frankly speaking Filch drop-kicking students is entirely in character. Also us Americans will 100% accept weird shit if it doesnt try explaining itself. We have to exist within the same environment as opossum and racoon after all.

  • DJI drone ban passes in U.S. House — 'Countering CCP Drones Act' would ban all DJI sales in U.S. if passed in Senate
  • You are looking at it from the perspective of a westerner post springtime of nations. As I understand it a lot of Chinese people see it more like the Romans, wherein they may be different but they are all Chinese. Also China has been committing cultural genocide and assimilation against groups within their borders for millenia, this has resulted in what can best be described as a very broad cultural and ethnic identity.

  • It's sad to see so many good titles get ruined because of this
  • Bit later but im juat ginba drop one of my favorite qoutes from antiquity. "Give me back my Legions"

    Seriously id kill for a movie about the Battle of Teutoberg Forest.

  • Hogwarts is a dumpster fire
  • I always associated small flaf bottomed boats as being "shallows rafts" or "swamp boats" depending on context. Im from Southern California though, we dont have water.

  • 'Mysterious' monolith similar to column seen in 2020 appears in Las Vegas desert: Police
  • It says Las Vegas desert so its probably law enforcement that operates in that part of the Mojave. Hell it could be San Bernardino Sheriff Department depending on how far out you consider by vegas to be, and yeah outside of the cities the cops have fuck all to do 90% of the time.

  • You control the children you created (the sims)
  • They are pretty explicitly based off the German Empire, though they do have a solid mix of WW1 and WW2 equipment on all sides.