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Prosecutor asks Texas court to reverse governor's pardon of man who fatally shot demonstrator
  • No justice, no peace. Guns everywhere. What could go wrong.

  • Prosecutor asks Texas court to reverse governor's pardon of man who fatally shot demonstrator
  • Zero chance. In Texas, decades of Republican control has corrupted the state courts, stacked supreme court (zero Democrats), who coincidentally never rule against their governor.

    Voter's choice? I'm not convinced these types of proud facists (who've projected stolen elections and other lies for years) value free and fair elections. The good ol' boys know best.

  • Doctor who claimed COVID vaccines made people magnets is sued by DOJ over taxes
  • Way beyond foolishness. It's more like weaponized stupidity, cultist behavior, that's threatening all of us with some kind of idiocracy.

  • Boeing’s largest plant in ‘panic mode’ amid safety crisis, say workers and union officials
  • I happened to catch NASA on YouTube for a few hours that morning. There were a few problems, but they got through it. At about T-10 min, everyone seemed to feel this was the one, clear to launch. Even a few speeches ('MURICA!). I left for a minute and came back to the crew access arm being extended... It was difficult to watch them have to painstakingly evacuate the crew again instead of sending it to space.

  • FCC ends affordable internet program due to lack of funds | CNN Business
  • Google was just like, "It's ending and your bill will revert to full price immediately." And it did. (But service has been great otherwise, so...) But I've read that other providers are offering some options and discounts, so that's nice.

  • Russia Declares War on ‘Mediocre Actor’ George Clooney
  • Do you have just like a trillion gifs movies saved somewhere

  • Boeing’s largest plant in ‘panic mode’ amid safety crisis, say workers and union officials
  • And at the other end of Boeing, they're having extreme difficulty getting Starliner launched again (part 2: human boogaloo, endless problems, even while years behind SpaceX). It's like they're being sabotaged, only it's probably just mismanagement, incompetence, and demoralization.

  • Legal expert calls out Trump lawyer's "blatant and wholly inappropriate" closing message to jury
  • Top activities: Raging at tv news, golfing, traveling to golf, abusing staff, impotent tweets, insane rants, eating garbage, shitting everywhere, drugs, passing out. Person, woman, man, camera, tv? The life of a billionaire* genius** president***.

  • All cats are the same
  • Oh, so that's what ACAB means. ^/s

  • 2 teens die in suspected drownings after accepting dare, jumping off bridge into lake
  • "If your friends jumped off a bridge, would you?" Yes, apparently.

  • Almost 40 percent of South Dakotans say Noem shooting dog was justified
  • Who fucking kills a puppy.

    Kristi Noem. Psychopaths. About half of republicunts.

  • Michael Cohen: Melania Trump came up with idea to spin "Access Hollywood" tape as "locker room talk"
  • They really do deserve each other. Melania would be gone in a second if the money dried up. Donny just wants a trophy to assault now and then. Insufferable, miserable bastards.

  • Wife of U.S. soldier detained in Russia says he was having an affair, not involved in 'geopolitical intrigue'
  • Aw. And neither was this "woman", who it seems was just Russian ops trying to lure another dumb American hostage.

  • This is the weirdest look she has given me yet.
  • I love cats. Always trying to be so cool, but then they get comfy and let their guard down and boom, this face. A+

  • Blue is afraid I have his medicine to give him again.
  • Walmart, Petsmart, Petco, Amazon; They're everywhere, and come in too many flavors! Inaba (Japan) seems like a quality company, and Churu is well- reviewed (it's protein puree, high moisture, nothing terrible in it).

    My 12 y/o buddy just started eating them (chicken flavor), and goes alarmingly nuts for them. Great for adding water to diet, sick days, meds, etc. (Nulo, Tiki Cat, others also make quality puree pouches.)

  • Generative AI could soon decimate the call center industry, says CEO
  • We're experiencing extremely high call volume.

    Every hour of every day, because company won't hire or pay for anything better.

    Press 3 to have a representative call you back; You won't lose your place in line.

    Sure. Meanwhile, I get on their website and try their weird "chat" support popup, that somehow takes care of the problem hours before I ever get a call back.

    This is why people hate phone support. And why I don't trust and won't buy products from companies who only have phone support (or "social media", Facebook, Twixer). Give me a dedicated support email address, or something text-based (live chat, contact form) on website, thanks!

  • How my morning is going...
  • Yes. Just FYI: All three have free "freeze" option, hidden somewhere (probably thanks to federal law). They also have very similar paid option, which they heavily advertise; That's not the one. They do all require free accounts, but probably worth it to be able to freeze/unfreeze instantly online.

    I just received "dark web" alert about SSN, phone, name, and email... that I only used at AT&T many years ago. So AT&T has definitely leaked our data as well. Add 'em to the list...

  • US to award Samsung up to $6.6 billion chip subsidy for Texas expansion, sources say
  • In oil country, the land may be getting less stable. Korean Samsung (and planet Earth) vs Texan oil barons, I wonder who Texas will protect.

  • Cyberpunk 2077 Still Has Easter Eggs Players Haven't Found
  • I waited years for the bug fixes and DLC, bought all-the-things for $40, and experienced 200+ hours of bliss. Recommended.

  • RFK Jr. Repeats Russian Propaganda on Ukraine
  • Who knows why he's running. I do know that the more he sounds like T****, and repeats dumb conspiracies, the more votes he potentially takes from him. Keep it up, Robert!

  • How Hamas Breached Israel's Iron Wall

    The investigation and video reconstruction shows how fighters neutralized key parts of the border fence, exploiting vulnerabilities created by Israel’s dependence on technology.