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Best way to transfer local files to my Android device.
  • I personally don't like it because (on android) it insists on auto-starting and continuously running in the background with no options to change that behaviour. Every time I use it and after every reboot I have to force quit the app. It would be a great tool otherwise but I find that annoying af.

  • "Privacy-Preserving" Attribution: Mozilla Disappoints Us Yet Again
  • Default Firefox is becoming more and more unusable. I hope distros will start switching to something like Librewolf as the default browser in the future or heavily (and visibly) change the default Firefox config themselves.

  • How can I easily and conveniently transfer files wirelessly between my linux computer and android phone?
  • If you want just a replacement for Warpinator, LocalSend is definitely the way to go. I used Warpinator before, and LocalSend is just an overall better version of the same thing imo. Finds other devices instantly, can also send text in addition to files and folders, and is available across platforms.

  • What open-source software would you like more people to know about?
  • As I said, I like KeepassDX better as well. But the feature it is missing is critical for me unfortunately. I don't know why you think Keepass2Android is not updated though, the last release was 3 months ago.