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Why do you still hate Windows?
  • Because it's a tool by one of the biggest, if not THE biggest, corporation ever made. It's nothing more than a way to lock-in users deeper in an ecosystem of extortion and learned helplessness.

    Through Windows, computer users discover that they have a black box at work and then at home. It is NOT their computer. It is a computer that they are allowed to use a certain way. This then is extended in a myriad of ways, through other tools, e.g mobile phone, and services, e.g Office360, reinforcing that behavior. It becomes a second nature to the point that computer users dare not even imagine HOW they want to use a computer. Instead they buy whatever they are allowed to consume.

    I do not care for Windows as an OS, I absolutely do HATE it though as a vehicle for cognitive enslavement. I do so keeping in mind the history of the company that made it. It is not a repeated random process, it's a strategy. This is what I find disgusting.

  • They lied to you about car surveillance
  • If all you need is to grab your groceries etc from the next village, then yes it looks like it could do that.

    This is exactly the kind of usages I imagine the market target is. Namely I believe it's :

    • NOT for going from a city proper to another, e.g NOT to go from Rennes to Paris where a "big" car or train would do, even less going further
    • NOT for going within a city, e.g Rennes, where public transport is rather well connected

    but rather, as you suggest, going from one small town to another, say 50km radius or less. It's while one lives in the country side to go to the farmer market on Thursday. It's to go from and to work from the suburb, without proper bus, even less tram, to work downtown, etc.

    I imagine it's basically where most people who wouldn't feel "adventurous" enough to use an electric bike, due to the bad weather or workload, could use something just a big bigger.

  • They lied to you about car surveillance
  • So you're saying they are legal, truly sold, but the volume? weight? autonomy isn't enough?

    Sorry if you specified a criteria rather than an example that I missed. I'm genuinely curious as to understand because it seem you are dismissing it as useless for anyone rather than, like a buggy, something that one potentially useful but only within some context, to go with your example something one wouldn't use in a city center but works perfectly on a beach.

    PS: full disclosure, I don't have that car, not have any economical link to the company, only trying to understand the position.

  • They lied to you about car surveillance
  • I'm not sure what you mean by "serious" here. Are you saying it's fake in the sense that it won't be sold? Or that the license plate would not actually legally allow it to on the road in France or Europe? Or some of the criteria, e.g autonomy, power, etc would make it realistically usable for any use case except literally playing in a playground?

  • Looking for recommendations for homebrew security system cameras
  • Wasn't exactly security but I used a RPi Zero with a camera to monitor my 3D print. It's small, low-power, wireless, didn't have any problem with it. I imagine the result can be recorded, analyzed, etc.

  • Launcher for Everything*
  • Superficial feedback but I can't read more than 3 lines without syntax highlighting. Here I believe lines short for the text but makes code even harder to read due to new line. Maybe Codeberg allows for HTML embedding.

    Now for a comment on the content itself, how is that different from aliases in ~/.bashrc? I personally have a bunch of commands that are basically wrapped or shortcuts around existing ones with my default parameters.

    Finally, if the result is visual, like dmenu which I only use a bit in the PinePhone, then please start by sharing a screenshot of the result.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing, always exciting to learn from others how they make THEIR systems theirs!

  • I have an online business. How f*cked am I ?
  • IMHO the question isn't as much you as a user of such platforms is "f*cked" because you sound both mindful and technically savvy. So, on that front, you will be OK.

    The harder question I would say is how morally bankrupt you will feel by contributing to worsening the privacy of others for profit. Namely that yes by using Facebook/Insta/TikTok/etc you will gain more customers but those customers are gradually losing their privacy while you make those companies bigger by paying them. That means you depend on those companies more while they get more power.

    Because of that I would argue that sure, do everything you can to protect yourself but it can't stop there. I would argue then than the question is rather, where else can you find more clients, and maybe even "better" clients who are more aligned with your own views on privacy, and maybe even more. It's definitely a challenge, especially seeing the trend of surveillance capitalism, but as you acknowledge yourself by using Lemmy, there are actual alternatives.

  • Elon Musk haters vandalized dozens of Tesla Cybertrucks by spray painting "F**K ELON" on dozens of them
  • Ok... I'll take the bait, can you please share links that show how the Cybertruck is actually good the planet? I didn't actually read technical review about it. I mostly see silly (and sometimes fun) memes. I also recently read that EV in generals don't have the same impact as electrical bikes, e.g , but maybe I'm misinformed and this vehicle by Tesla, despite its size, it's actually helping. Can you please share a link to such review and/or studies with e.g Life cycle assessment (LCA) / ISO 14040?

    PS: to clarify I don't mean articles about how it's "changing mind", I mean numerical estimations then comparison between one mean of transport, e.g non EV vs EV, or this EV vs other or this EV vs random electric bike.

  • Deduplication tool
  • FWIW just did a quick test with rmlint and I would definitely not trust an automated tool to remove on my filesystem, as a user. If it's for a proper data filesystem, basically a database, sure, but otherwise there are plenty of legitimate duplication, e.g ./node_modules, so the risk of breaking things is relatively high. IMHO it's better to learn why there are duplicates on case by case basis but again I don't know your specific use case so maybe it'd fit.

    PS: I imagine it'd be good for a content library, e.g ebooks, ROMs, movies, etc.

  • Deduplication tool
  • I don't actually know but I bet that's relatively costly so I would at least try to be mindful of efficiency, e.g

    • use find to start only with large files, e.g > 1Gb (depends on your own threshold)
    • look for a "cheap" way to find duplicates, e.g exact same size (far from perfect yet I bet is sufficient is most cases)

    then after trying a couple of times

    • find a "better" way to avoid duplicates, e.g SHA1 (quite expensive)
    • lower the threshold to include more files, e.g >.1Gb

    and possibly heuristics e.g

    • directories where all filenames are identical, maybe based on locate/updatedb that is most likely already indexing your entire filesystems

    Why do I suggest all this rather than a tool? Because I be a lot of decisions have to be manually made.

  • My Windows Computer Just Doesn't Feel Like Mine Anymore
  • Indeed, Linux and FLOSS more broadly was never about technology itself, it's about empowering. It "just" happens to be where software change could lead to a pragmatic difference for so many lives.

    Own your computer, own your devices, value your life and don't interact with the numerical world through manipulative blinders.