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Break all the rules
  • At the very least, fines of this nature should be an investigation into how much money was saved/generated by breaking the rule, and then using that plus some percentage for the fine amount. Too often the fine ends up being smaller than the gain which means it's always worth it to break the rule, especially knowing there's a chance you might not even get caught.

  • Megalopolis Teaser Trailer (2024)
  • From the title you might think the movie is Metropolis but with an ancient Greek vibe, but the trailer shows that it's Metropolis but with an ancient Roman vibe so not too far off actually.

  • Spoiler tags in post titles?

    Works in the body though! Maybe that's a solution?

    Edit: I tried and couldn't get it to work in the title. But as shown above it works in the post body.

    Original body text: I don't know if it's a limitation or not, but adding the song title behind a spoiler tag would allow people late to the game to still try and guess before seeing the answer.

    Shrinkflation usualsuspect191
    Soap getting slimmer

    They're careful to make sure the bottle still looks the same from the front, but from the side you can see the difference.



    Change what tapping on a comment does?

    I keep missing the vote buttons and accidentally tap on comments which then collapses them. I've accidentally collapsed/expanded some comments several times trying to vote.

    Is there a setting somewhere I'm not seeing that changes this? Maybe to a long press or force needing to use the three dot menu to collapse instead.

    Forbidden Snacks usualsuspect191
    Forbidden Raisin Bran
    funny signs usualsuspect191
    No child, no ride

    If you forgot your small child at home, one will be assigned to you so you may use the elevator

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