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How can everything be captured in simple data like people's exact voice noise?
  • A microphone is a membrane attached to a means to generate electricity (like shaking wires around a magnet). When you make sound by a mic you shake the membrane and it in turn generates a small amount of electricity.

    This electricity is an analog signal (it's continuous, and the exact amount changes over time). We can take that signal and digitize it (literally chop it up into distinct digits) by using an ADC or analog to digital converter. Essentially an ADC takes a snapshot of the analog signal at a specific point in time, and repeats that snapshot process very quickly. If you take enough snapshots fast enough you can have a reasonable approximation of the original signal (like following a dotted line).

    Now we have a digital signal and we can store those series of snapshots in a file.

    But how do we turn that back into sound? We literally just follow the process in reverse.

    We open the file and get the list of snapshots. We pass those to a DAC or digital to analog converter that generates a continuous analog signal that passes through every original point. We pass that signal to thin wire wrapped around a magnet and attached to a membrane. This mechanism takes the small generated electric field from the DAC and causes the membrane to shake in the same pattern that the mic originally shook in.

    In practice there are often other steps in line such as amps to increase the strength of a signal or compression to minimize how much space the snapshots take up.

  • TIL that A lightning bolt is five times hotter than the surface of the Sun. The charge carried by a bolt of lightning is so intense that it has a temperature of 30,000°C (54,000°F).
  • If you put a single drop of boiling water in the palm of your hand you'll be fine. If you pour a cup of boiling water in the palm of your hand you might need to go to urgent care.

    Lightning superheats the air around it, but not in a sustaining way. Given the speed of the discharge the heat of a strike isn't necessarily fatal.

    There are indirect strikes where lightning hits near you and electricity flows back up through your body, but direct strikes can also be survived.

  • Rally Shooter’s Phone Had Searches for Trump and Biden, FBI Officials Say - The New York Times
  • Aren't there a shit ton of people that search for them? They're in the news constantly and if you're still (somehow) undecided what better way to keep up with them than by searching. Not to mention anyone that wants to make a meme about them.

  • Biden Claims He's Done 'More for the Palestinian Community Than Anybody'
  • There were not. Israel has alleged as such but never produced evidence. Given that any host country (and de facto governments) is made aware of the identity and role of UNRWA employees in their country Israel had plenty of insight and opportunity to object. They didn't for years. Nevertheless the employees that allegedly were providing aid to Hamas were immediately fired.

  • New Georgia Law Opens Door to Partisan Purging of Voter Rolls
  • In Colorado when you get a license you're registered as undecided. You can opt to register as any party, but if you remain undecided then each primary election you get mailed a Republican and Democrat ballot. You're automatically mailed ballots for standard elections, and an info packet covering any question you might have about ballot measures.

    You can take that ballot and mail it in, leave it in a drop box, or hand it to a drive through elections officer/collector without leaving your car. You can also just vote in person. All that for early voting period through to election day.

  • Biden Claims He's Done 'More for the Palestinian Community Than Anybody'
  • I don't know man, I arranged a couple thousand USD donation for Palestinian aid groups. You not only defunded UNRWA, but continue to send bombs over to the group doing the most TO them while perpetuating policies that require additional aid to be sent in the first place. Not to mention the actual people on the ground who were providing the aid.