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Sweden orders review after 'explosion' of ADHD cases
  • To me, this smacks of the MRSA problem the NHS (UK) had.

    MRSA is an antibiotic resistant bacterial skin infection people can get and people were getting them in UK hospital. It does happen in hospitals but the rates of infection were too consistently high at the time because they weren't catching outbreaks soon enough and when they did, they didnt act soon enough.

    After the public and news groups became aware of the problem, reforms were promised. An investigation showed that new, improved reporting measures should fix the problem. When they implemented the policies from the investigation and improved their reporting practices, you'll never guess what, reported cases of MRSA went up!

    What a surprise.

    If you had continued the trend lines from that, then I'm sure you can guess the kind of inflated "top end" figures you'd end up at.

    I mean, there might turn out to be a problem but you also have to account for improvements in reporting standards.

    The real problem is, improvements in reporting standards and improvements in interdepartmental coordination is boring as fuck! Who wants to read about that?

  • Finally we have something in common with the Yanks
  • I appreciate that youre asking about what you've heard but I think you've been mislead.

    I mean, its not like labour are brilliant or what they used to be but anyone who's claiming they're the same or not better is either deliberately lying or willfully ignorant. I think people built up labour too much in their heads and are still bitter about their reality check. "Behind every militant atheist is someone who beleived too hard."

    You would have to go out of your way to do as badly and be as corrupt as the tories. The claim they're the same is a thought terminating cliché that doesn't hold up to any scrutiny which is why people who claim it, never want to drill down into the detail.

    You'd think the apparent leftists who claim that and the right wing tories who also claim it would get their information and attack lines from different sources.

    However, apparently not.

  • Finally we have something in common with the Yanks
  • They own the media, the billionaires are all on their side, they've packed out the Lords, they've gutted and hamstrung the electoral commission and have started the gerrymandering already.

    I hope you're right but I feel that, somehow, they'll live on like voldermot.

  • Finally we have something in common with the Yanks
  • All they said is true.

    However, its important to note that he was heavily entrapped into doing it.

    Also, in those days, everyone would've been a religious extremist by todays standards. The protestant would have been just as extreme as the catholics, as they were during the British civil war which was far closer to a war of religion than parliament vs the King. Its just that they won that war, is all. So, they chilled out a bit....well, after the vile shit they did in Ireland of course.

    The rest of British history, including guy fawkes, makes infinitely more sense when the British civil War is viewed, correctly, as a war of religion.

  • Accurate
  • Don't forget the "I'm a millionaire and I was on my way to spend a billion dollars on my big business deal when I thought to take some time out from my 26 hour work days to tell you all that the reason other people can't afford a good retirement plan is because they ALL suck. If you don't beleive my claims of wealth and their suckyness, then its because you can't handle reality" comments from a statistically improbable number of people.

  • The richest Dutch pay 28% tax while the rest pay 40% or more
  • Because the people who own for a living make the laws.

    Don't get me wrong, they'll tell you any BS they think you'll beleive to try and justify it. Things like "encourages investment", as if they would suddenly decide they dont want money for doing no work, or "tax is theft", as if the only difference between what they do and what a state does with taxes (charging people for using their things) is the fact that one of them is a state and the other isn't, are all just lies told by the rich to bring down their tax bill.

    They tell these appalling lies because they're either an idiot who doesn't know any better or they think that you are.

  • Biden: What's happening in Gaza is not genocide
  • Its not genocide because its not from the Atroci region of sub saharan Africa or the Geno region of Central and Eastern Europe.

    It's actually sparkling murder induced relocation of an indigenous people, based solely on their ethnic identity, specifically to bring about the destruction of said ethnic group.

    I hope that clears everything up.

  • Overthrow a Government and Install a Puppet Dictator? The CIA will do it for Bananas!
  • Not even their worst or most prolific drug running scam. For anyone interested "operation gladio." The CIA ran the herion game out of Myanmar, with the mob, from about 1944 onwards. Myanmar used to be the worlds largest producer of herion, until Afghanistan overtook them sometime in the late 00s / early 10s.....

    Now, I'm not saying China are the good guys or anything here. However, if I wanted to stop a rouge security agency from selling herion to fund secret, illegal wars around the world, I'd flood their neighbours with fentanyl.

  • Consumers are so demoralized by inflation and high rates they've given up on saving for the American Dream and are spending money instead, economist says
  • Thanks, I've read it. None of what you said is wrong and none of it refuted what I said about it all either. They're not mutually exclusive.

    Plenty weren't simply "risky loans." That's corporate speak. Technically true in all instances but not incriminating. After all, what loan could be riskier than one made to someone who doesn't exist etc.?

    But the important part is that you're not cross referencing that with how money is actually created and destroyed these days or, it would seem, or acknowledging the level of fraud involved on the issuing of the mortgages, bundled up into those MBSs.

    Therefore, if you borrow £100 from the bank, and it credits your account with the amount, ‘new money’ has been created. It didn’t exist until it was credited to your account.

    This also means as you pay off the loan, the electronic money your bank created is ‘deleted’ – it no longer exists.

    The BoE is the UK fed and its not going to be different in America. Both countries have the same monetary policy.

    Money is created - human labour - money goes back and is destroyed.

    Back to the banks, they created money when they issued those mortgages. They wouldn't me mortgages otherwise. As a bank, in a system of fractional reserve banking, they're as good as money. Those mortgages didn't get parked on some balance sheet in the sky. Not trying to be patronising but to really crystallise it.

    When the people couldn't pay it off with either their own work or someone else's, either through being dead or just not being able to pay, the money already created, already in the system, vanished. Just like if it turned out the bank of England had no gold at all, back in the gold standard days.

  • Consumers are so demoralized by inflation and high rates they've given up on saving for the American Dream and are spending money instead, economist says
  • Sorry to hear that. Personally, and I might be a millions miles off here, i find its usually only stockbros who react that way. You know, the kind who get their financial advice from wallstreetbets.

    I know that it's a radical idea to lots of people and I may end up being ultimately wrong but I think its a position I can a least logical argue. I think better than the "power of friendship" or infinite debt loop of debt that isn't owed to anyone, nor does it ever have to be repaid (making it, by definition, not debt).

    For me though, money would be an IOU for human labour, exactly like the old British pound was a literal IOU for gold. Its not far from what you said at all, tbf, but I think its more sound wording. Kind of the technical long form of that which could exist in our society.

  • Consumers are so demoralized by inflation and high rates they've given up on saving for the American Dream and are spending money instead, economist says
  • The difference being, like in the roman times you're referring to, the coins at least had some other kind of underlying value.

    I agree that was heavily inflated and, eventually, the value of the coins became more than the value of the metals the coins ended up as after clipping etc.

    However, now there isn't even that pretence. Human labour is the underlying asset here imo.

    It's not that I dont know how money works. Its that I think about it differently. To me, it makes a lot more sense than just that we believe in it really hard, with extra steps. Its that now, the rich get to keep hold of the gold too.

    A way to think about the idea is the financial crash. "Sub prime mortgages" means "fraudulent loans to people who didn't exist" (money creation). The money created by those loans was spent a thousand times over, all due back to bigger banks who leant them money, with new loans and made with them as collateral and all packed into toxic financial instruments. When it was found out that those people didn't exist, the money literally disappeared. Thats how "companies balance sheets just vanished." Thats whys Governments had to print money: because the money had vanished and there was a gapping money void due to it.

    There was no one to work off the value of the money that had been created and, just like if you found out thr bank didn't have any gold (back in the gold standard days), the IOUs (money) would be worthless.

    To me, it point to seeing the world as a human labour farm and the currency is human labour IOUs, in the same way cotton, sugar and steel nails and their IOUs in Virginia, the Caribbean and the North East of England respectfully were also used currency or were the equivalent of currency.

  • Consumers are so demoralized by inflation and high rates they've given up on saving for the American Dream and are spending money instead, economist says
  • For a while now, I've had a hypothesis that money does have a real, tangible underlying asset attached to it, in the exact same way as it used to be backed by gold or oil.

    The underlying asset is human capital and the value is derived from human labour.

    The reason for my belief is because private banks actually create 80% of the money in circulation. They create this money when they issue loans.

    How do we determine the amount of loan we can take? The amount of money we earn. We earn money either via our own labour or someone else's. Ergo, money is created at the value human labour you own, like how we used to do so with gold and oil.

    Money here acting as both an iou and as a labour token, in the same way a British Bank note was both an iou for gold and affected gold prices, we have been buried under a labour debt our great grandkids would come close to paying off. Printing of future Labour ious also depresses wages for everyone who works for their money.

    Imo, its much worse than monopoly money.

  • Another World is Possible
  • That would make sense for capitalism, if humanity didn't have to have its permanent, essential characteristics beaten, traumatised and groomed out of them with land seizures, branding, whipping, workhouses, schools, prisons, debtors prisons, being forced to sell their children, slavery and the threat of homelessness and starvation for hundreds of years.

    People didn't just accept either of those two systems and there's nothing remotely inherent about them. They were both forced on people through violence or the threat of it.

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