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ICBC announces $110 rebate, freezes rates for another 2 years
  • Meanwhile, in Alberta they are un-freezing rates, "good drivers" are limited to a 4% increase, and any driver with some sort of a claim on record is about to get dry-fucked by the for-profit insurance companies again.

  • Medical freedom vs. public health: Should fluoride be in our drinking water?
  • Dude, that's for the odds someone might have hypothyroidism, not at all related to toxicity.

    And as noted by the authors:

    "Hence, the application of standard household water purification (such as reversed osmosis, electro dialysis, activated carbon filter, and other adsorption/ion-exchange methods) is recommended for patients with hypothyroidism since they have a higher consumption of drinking water. The purification systems can help remove fluoride that interferes with thyroid functions."

    So, if you have a family history of hypothyroidism, and you care at all about trying to avoid this incredibly common and easily treatable issue; use a water filter. It probably won't help since family history and regular exercise are much more highly correlated with the incidence of hypothyroidism, but sure, why not.

    Also, and this is fun, they conveniently ignore the fact that the people drinking the most water (5+ cups group) have a lower adjusted-odds-ratio (OR) of hypothyroidism.

    How about the part where the level of fluoride in the water being in the higher end of the spectrum (0.3-0.5 mg/L) gives you a *checks notes* oh yeah, 3.4% higher incidence rate of hypothyroidism. Right.

  • Medical freedom vs. public health: Should fluoride be in our drinking water?
  • If the stupid motherfucker brushes his teeth twice daily, he's already introducing loads more fluoride to his body than any of the trace amounts they add into the public water system, which is still standards of deviation less than anything that would introduce fluorosis of childrens' teeth (since that's not possible for adults with developed teeth), let alone get to a level of toxicity for an adult.

    Now, if he regularly consumes full tubes of toothpaste as a health supplement, then maybe that's a reason to be concerned about fluoride.

  • The way my daughter's middle school health class classifies drugs is insane.
  • Oh, HPPD is definitely a thing, but extraordinarily rare.

    I may have misspoke about the brown acid - this was a legit warning resulting from "home-brew chemists" attempting to make their own LSD and failing to create it properly. Most of the supplies back then were direct from Sandoz (Novartis) and basically were being given away to the scientific community for novel testing. Fun stuff.

    I'm talking about the hyperbole of "acid flashbacks" which was a narrative introduced to discourage and demonize LSD usage by the political and intellectual opponents of the Nixon administration. "Rots your brain permanently" and all that other garbage.

    Turns out regular LSD usage by the "hippie" community and by many people involved in high-level education (particularly college and university professors) was making people feel more connected and empathetic towards one another, and that just didn't do for the Republicans who needed everyone to fear "the other".

    What they also did with marijuana and heroin, and subsequently with crack cocaine, was truly abhorrent.

  • SEC’s Gensler turns tide against crypto in courts
  • LOL, new financial exchanges popped up without following AML or KYC rules, trying to skip by all the checks and balances put in place for every other financial institution, and they thought they'd just...get away with it?

    Contracts that clearly have no intrinsic value and are tradeable between individuals and corporations - those are derivatives by definition - and all of these companies and "coin" issuers thought that the SEC and CBOE wouldn't come kick down their doors?

    Fuck the crypto industry is as dumb as all the AI shills are right now. Goddamn this is funny to watch, and Gensler is no joke when it comes to squashing illegal or unregulated activities.

  • Alberta backs off funding cuts to low-income transit passes in Calgary and Edmonton
  • Man, I wouldn't "give" them that point at all. The backtracking IS the scheme. They implement whatever completely shit ideological policy that's their flavour of the day, and UNLESS the populace reacts strongly, they say "welp, everyone must be in favour because no one screamed loud enough".

    It's a fucking horseshit dirty way of implementing public policy and it's absolutely exhausting because they are doing it EVERYWHERE.

  • In a Violent Nature (2024, dir Chris Nash)
  • Just watched this at the Calgary Underground Film Festival and it's a ton of fun. Absolutely phenomenal kill scenes and a cool POV from the killer through most of the movie.

    I'm not saying it's a really great movie, but I am saying it's got a lot of really great parts and it's definitely worth watching if you like horror.

  • Our bffs
  • For a really good riff on this same idea, I like "How to Lie With Statistics" by Darrell Huff, and it's all illustrated!

    Great, easy to understand breakdown of how statistics can be manipulated.

  • Following review, Business Insider stands by reports on wife of ex-Harvard president's critic

    Business Insider’s top executive and parent company said Sunday they were satisfied with the fairness and accuracy of stories that made plagiarism accusations against a former MIT professor who is married to a prominent critic of former Harvard President Claudine Gay.

    Following review, Business Insider stands by reports on wife of ex-Harvard president's critic

    Alternative Title: Billionaire hypocrite Bill Ackman embarrassed after he fails to do satisfactory due diligence before opening his big mouth, again

    13 Doctor who charged patient for 'alternative' Parkinson's treatment found guilty of unprofessional conduct

    A Calgary doctor has been found guilty of three counts of unprofessional conduct stemming from a fruitless four-year-long treatment of a woman's case of atypical Parkinsonism that her family says cost them close to $400,000.

    Doctor who charged patient for 'alternative' Parkinson's treatment found guilty of unprofessional conduct

    Alternative Title: Local family in medical distress scammed for $400,000 as doctor simultaneously steals from public health care system

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