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Depressed Husband
  • I'm very prone to becoming depressed and recently found out that it's tightly linked to a feeling of not having control over my life. I discovered this after my wife and I decided to make some changes on our dailly schedules to accommodate dailly gym sessions for me, after all other responsibilities are taken care off. Now I have something to look forward to eveyday of the week that I alone control.

    It changed my life. There's something primal about lifting heavy stuff on top of having some alone time away from home (children demand a lot from us). Also looking better in the mirror as helped.

    This worked for me because exercise is something I'm passionate about. Perhaps it could work for your husband, having some regular activity he enjoys.

    Good luck

  • "PSN isn't supported in my country. What do I do?" Arrowhead CEO: "I don't know"
  • It was a requirement from the beginning but it was not enforced due to the initial server issues. It was always there....

    Not saying it's a good thing but a lot of the discourse I see online seems to overlook that crucial detail and imply this was pulled out of the blue with no warning.

  • Why so many men like to play with a female character?
  • In Cyberpunk i started first with a male character and on the second playthrough chose female to shake things up and really enjoyed the voice actor. My subsequent playthroughs have been with female V.

  • *confused carnist noises*.
  • Cows are often pregnant while they are milked, so dairy milk contains hormones like insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1), estrogens, and progestins. Some cows are given additional hormones to increase milk production.


  • What distro he uses? 🐧💻
  • From what I can remember, the simbolism is stronger in the first movie and not so much on the other two. I recall two key things that can simbolize the struggle trans people go through or are references to transgenderism.

    • Neo feels that there is something wrong with the world and that he does not belong in it
    • The Character Switch was originally supposed to be a man in the real world and a woman when plugged in to the matrix.

    I'm sure there's more but it's been a while since I came across the analysis.

    Worth noting that when I watched the movies I never made an association with transgenderism. I think in great part because I was not even aware of it.

  • One Pace to RULE them all




    Since we're doing classics, here's a personal favorite