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So you're telling me he was just a normal-sized dude?
  • No problemo. And just for fun, bear in mind that the "Indian scientist" Ben

    is also Koopa's Nephew Iggy in the Super Mario Bros Movie (1993)

    and the nefarious Belford from Hackers (1995)

  • This is a real TOSser
  • "Can you describe the S[impson]s?" as might be poorly interpreted by Kirk with his diminished hearing.

  • Calm down and rub one out
  • Rare to find a fan in the wild!

  • Calm down and rub one out
  • It was the brother Will Keith Kellogg who was more interested in the business side, vs John the health nut, who made it more popular. John went on to make his version of a "sanitarium."

    Historytoday source

  • Calm down and rub one out
  • For more pseudo-science and a few good laughs, look up John Harvey Kellogg, the brother to the cereal mogul. Better yet, look up the comical farce The Road to Wellville with Sir Anthony Hopkins as the good doctor, which goes over the gentleman's notions of "healthy living."

  • Tea, Earl Grey, hot. Extra glue.
  • Quick tip: Don't go telling people in the American South that "wrastlin" is fake. They don't take kindly to such blasphemy.

    Anyway, chalk one up for Mother Nature and poorly managed resources regarding the emus. Apparently, someone made an Emu War game that's on Steam.

  • Furiosa director George Miller’s comments on Mad Max game and Hideo Kojima prompt response from Mad Max’s original devs
  • That game had some great gameplay elements. Most notably the caravan takedowns.

    Unfortunate that the array of side missions was repetitive and overall story lacking.

  • Tea, Earl Grey, hot. Extra glue.
  • I miss u/shittymorph. Rarely would I ever see it coming.

  • So you're telling me he was just a normal-sized dude?
  • Pfft, next you're gonna tell me that Data wasn't "fully functional."

  • Poker is for nerds, you should play Dabo
  • Like David Bowie, Mirror Kira just did what's hot.

  • Star Trek Genesis Tuesday bit, but Bri-ish

    With sincere-ish apologies to our Lemmings across the pond. Credit to [email protected] for the comment about M. Bison

    Quiet on the set

    No offense to the great Patricia Tallman, the fantastic actor and stunt person largely known for her work on Babylon 5 as well as the 1990 remake of Night of the Living Dead. The wide eyes just seemed an odd choice.

    Also Patricia Tallman:


    Quark-ee's Playhouse

    s3e16 Prophet Motive

    And Jambi the Genie of Peewee's Playhouse for those too young or otherwise unaware

    Riker, the village roundabout

    s3e9 "Defiant"

    The hell could O'Brien have done to get such a reaction?

    Edit: SpaceNoodle found tonight's error, so you win... a fabulous new post request!*

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