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Dots connected
  • fascism

  • Online Content Is Disappearing
  • run the archivewarrior to help them out, donate or pressure your government to stop it from being killed.

  • AI 'godfather' says universal basic income will be needed
  • i feel you but the solution is not placing your trust in people who don't know about the subject at hand.

  • Dots connected
  • can't overstate this enough. fascism is already here and people don't seem to be getting it.

  • Nazi Propagandist Nick Fuentes Caught on Stream Watching Gay Porn
  • i kind of wanted to see the reactions too.

  • A young child in Ontario has died of measles
  • nah they are useful to elect some criminals to office

  • O clássico player Winamp vai virar um software de código aberto – Tecnoblog
  • algum heroi porta pro linux agora pra eu ser feliz

  • What's the best wax-on-wax-off-style advice you've heard that you can attest as being helpful in certain situations?
  • it is sometimes faster to loosen the grip on your rear wheels to point the front end in a better direction. they call it tail braking iirc.

  • Do your best to help them out
  • i think the point is that there is some fluidity to gender and presenting as feminine doesnt necessarily mean they are trans?

  • New Caledonia: French marines deployed amid deadly unrest
  • i somehow get the impression france is in the wrong and this is ending badly for new caledonians?

  • 17-year-old girl trafficked into U.S. from Mexico rescued after texting 911 and describing landmarks
  • there is a subreddit, its creepy as fuck. its all cropped out images of children with just a tshirt or some landmark, and people take guesses where they are from.

  • OpenAI and Reddit Partnership
  • i'm fine with everybody owning lemmy because thats the point of it, users make it so users can use its data, as opposed to one asshole owning and ruining reddit's user-made content for his own pursuit of more money, for himself only.

  • Rare 'naked man' orchid found in Cambridge college garden
  • orchids are wild, all sorts of crazy imitations and adaptations.

    isnt there a few species that look exactly like a bird out of sheer evolutionary insanity?

  • The decline of Intel..
  • this is what i was thinking. the article opens by saying it was ubiquitous in the 2000s, but thats only because of aggressive marketing and unfair monopolistic practices.

    athlons were faster at lower clockspeeds for a big chunk of the 2000s and no one batted an eye.

  • death sentence
  • bythewaymeanaboutaubecauseism

  • Did anyone get pirated Rocksmith to work on Linux with regular P2-P10 cable + good latency?

    Title. If so how? I have tried some of the solutions floating around Proton DB, but can never get around the weird latency issue.

    I'm running Ubuntu 23.04, PipeWire, kernel 6.2 and Lutris Flatpak.

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