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Does it seem like there is a major food crisis in the US right now?
  • It's a lot more complicated than that. Even if we accept a simplified model where "more oil = more agriculture", the US has seen massive growth in oil production over the past decade so it contradicts the claim that there's food shortages because of oil production. If there are food shortages happening right now it's not at all related to oil production in the US.

  • Does it seem like there is a major food crisis in the US right now?
  • I mostly shop at Costco and am not struggling so maybe my perspective is skewed but it seems like food prices have been coming down recently, and I haven't noticed any shortages. If you think it feels like things are being covered up that sounds a little paranoid and conspiratorial to me, food distribution in the US is a huge and complicated system involving a whole lot of people, it seems completely implausible that a cover up of a major food crisis would even be possible. There's just too many people who would notice (and there isn't any kind of centralized hierarchy involved that could pull something like that off). I don't see the relevance of shale oil production, the US produces plenty of oil to be both self sufficient and one of the largest oil exporters in the world. If you're concerned the US doesn't have enough oil or something like that you really shouldn't be.

  • AOC wants to impeach SCOTUS justices following Trump immunity ruling
  • Literally, anyone who threatens the interests served by right-wing media is going to see themselves transformed into a bogeyman by right-wing media. That's how it works. That AOC is "polarizing" according to them is because of the threat she poses to them. If you're letting right-wing media define the boundaries of who is an acceptable candidate, you will never defeat them.

  • just found a flea on our cat, do we go full nuclear?
  • Get some Revolution Pro or Advantage, follow the directions on the box. They are very effective unless you have a serious infestation, which it sounds like you don't. Just make sure it's the cat version and for the correct weight range of your cats.

  • It's Saturday, what have you watched this week?
  • Catching Fire, a documentary about the life of Anita Pallenberg. It was really interesting and much better than I expected, based off an unpublished autobiography discovered after her death.

    The Man Who Knew Too Much, the 1956 version. Its a classic.

    Manhunt, the 2024 show about the pursuit of Booth following his assassination of Lincoln. I haven't finished this yet but so far its been solid.

  • What uses of a smartphone do you think most people miss out on?
  • I recently started to use my phone to monitor the conditions of my plant collection with a couple of Sensorpush devices. They report temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, and vapor pressure once a minute via Bluetooth, and I get a notification if conditions deviate from what I set. It has been very helpful at dialing in things in and responding to problems.

  • What industry secret are you aware of that most people aren't?
  • Or, just use a password manager and simplify your life. Reusing any password is bad practice, even if the account doesn't seem important. Every account really should have a randomly generated unique password. A password manager solves all of these problems.