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Texas tops the list of America's 10 worst states for quality of life in 2024
  • OKC is the worse city I’ve ever visited. Decatur, TX is better and that’s not a compliment to Decatur. Little Rock is nice, and absolutely nothing like god awful OK. I do not understand how people can live there. At least Kansas is pretty.

  • Why do car repair shops always assume you can leave while they work on your car?
  • My repair shop has several loaner cars. But loaner is a real strong word there. They’re about the junkiest piles of rust you can drive lol. But they get you home and back to the shop! And they’re pretty dang cheap too.

  • Three hikers die in Utah parks in suspected heat-related cases
  • They most likely did not have a cell signal. It’s the canyonlands, it’s 30 miles as the crow flies from the nearest town. There’s nothing but nature as far as the eye can see.

    They might have used satellite texting.

  • Make'n the world go 'round
  • It’s Freddy Mercury, the lead singer of Queen and the joke is about the song Fat Bottomed Girls. Some of the other jokes in the comments are referencing the fact that he was a closeted gay man for a large portion of his career.

  • I like C programs for their speed
  • You shouldn’t use Lombok, as it uses non-public internal Java APIs, which is why it breaks every release. At one point we had a bug with Lombok that only resolved if you restarted the application. Switching off of Lombok resolved the issue.

    Just switch to kotlin. You can even just use Kotlin as a library if you really want (just for POJOs), but at this point Kotlin is just better than Java in almost every way.

  • Just got my first guitar and IMMEDIATELY broke it :(
  • It’s very hard to get wood glue into a small gap like that. You should remove the piece to apply glue to the entire surface if possible. I just repaired a tiller on a sailboat like this. Don’t try to just get the wood glue in the gap, especially if the gap is small.

  • Firefox added ad tracking and has already turned it on without asking you
  • This happens in every major mastodon thread. Someone claims something without even bothering to research it like the person below did. They make an incredibly big deal about it with tons of claims (which are almost all untrue) and then it gains traction and anyone who doesn’t bother to research now believes something completely untrue.