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How to write a 'tar' command
  • dtrx is the way to do it. It's short for "do the right extraction", and it just works.

    Also, all you have to remember for tar is "-xtract -zee -vucking -files" (extract the fucking files, but first letters only)

  • HDD or SSD?
  • The SSD memory cell failure mode is to retain the last written contents, so I actually don't think I agree. In the SMART diagnostics, it shows how many of these bad cells are present, which is a reasonable indicator of impending failure from age

  • How do I get started developing for Thumb Keys?

    I want to work on implementing a feature that's marked as "good first issue". I have a lot of experience with other stacks, but have never done Android app dev.

    Can someone write a quick 2-minute guide on what software is required and how to build/test the application? Is "Android Studio" latest the right build tool? Thanks!