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16 May 2024
  • I feel like the farside comics are so odd. Like theres so many where i either don't get it, or i do but don't find it too funny. But i always read them because randomly one will appear and its the funniest thing ever. I loved this one!

  • Voyager 1
  • I just have to imagine how interesting of a challenege that is. Kinda like when old games only had 300kb to store all their data on so you had to program cool tricks to get it all to work.

  • Windows 11 just isn't enticing Windows 10 users to upgrade, and its market share is actually falling
  • Well yeah, but the problem is win 10 isn't built from the ground up to be able to cater for ads inserted into your welcome bar, explorer bar, settings page, start menu and personalised ads ...... :( we live in the worse timeline dont we.

  • X automatically changed 'Twitter' to 'X' in domain names, breaking legit URLs
  • It came from a long time ago. See the power of people like Elon was being rich enough they could throw money at shit with little risk and also be rich enough to get smart people to do all the good shit.

    But he was the face of it all for a long time, people legit saw him as the person who brought in electric cars (yeah i know he wasnt) and thinking space x is the rival to NASA.

    Many people idolized him as a genius.

    Then he ruined it, and you know why? Because he opend his fucking mouth just like the podcast you're talking about and many people saw him for the idiot he was.

    The problem? Elon himself believed the bullshit, he hinself thought he was a genius. And now hes trying to "run" things and its all falling to the ground. Because he never realized the only reason he had anything good was because of the actual smart people employed there.

  • Critics must rescore Dragon's Dogma 2 in light of microtransactions
  • Exactly right! And each time we give a company a free pass with this bullshit, they'll take it as a win to do worse next time.

    Can't stand the copium some people have with this, its bullshit they added it, they should be called out on it. Plain and simple.

  • Reddit CEO Defends His Absurdly High Pay While Not Paying Mods
  • he sold out too early

    I'm actually kind of interested in this point. Going public for many people is about the growth in the company. No one wants to put money in apple because its stocks are expensive. Its because they forsee it going up.

    But i thibk youre right he sold out too early. Peope are willing to invest because of the potential outcome of selling api data to ai companies. People are interested to hear the potential financial increase of api prices making more profit. People may be interested of the potential change of nfts or whatever to drive more money.

    But all of that has already happened, hes sold out all those items before the ipo. So i feel like a lot of people are like "what growth left is there?" And infact "is that growth negative going forward as users turn away or are hungry to jump ship if possible"

    Who knows though what will happen, maybe im entirely wrong.

  • What makes a trainer "official"? Compared to some guy on the street?
  • Thanks for this, i find it interesting because im largely learning filipino martial arts, it seems very political. Especially as a lineage seems quite disputed. Even still there is talk about "how ours works because the guy went to jail for killing someone etc etc".

    I think its more important then i expected. And when i think about it, creates an interesting point because part of yhe reason im learning filipino martial arts is because im part filipino and want to understand that side a bit better.

  • What makes a trainer "official"? Compared to some guy on the street?
  • Thanks, i guess this is a really good point here. End of the day my learning is different because its not sports oriented.

    So i basically learn sword/stick which is more for fun that id never get to really use. And i learn basic grapples/palm/fist for basic defence which while probably wont work against say a boxer, even with boxing knowledge I probably wouldnt fair well, and its enough to stop someone to get time to run/leave.

    The weapons part is a worry, they are practice weapons, but still i wish it was a bit more legitimate that i wont get in trouble for trying to learn something interesting.

  • Martial Arts trustnoone
    What makes a trainer "official"? Compared to some guy on the street?

    My trainer is teaching me balintawak, but really its a cross of a lot of things, he really loves learning martial arts and i can see hes spent years and years and years on it. His holidays is literally going to countries to learn and try their martial arts really.

    But unlike other classes he teaches me in the park (its 1:1 lessons as he stopped classes during covid).

    But it got me thinking, what makes a trainer "a professional". Both personally and legally.

    I know some areas like boxing or karate they likely have some sort of foundation/club/organisation maybe you can register too?

    I guess this is coming up because im learning weapons training now, and we can carry training weapons if there is good rrason too (like for training) but would a police officer see a guy in a park and agree hes a trainer. And to add to that, should i believe him?

    I cant deny though, my stickfighting, swordfiighting, fist fighting and grapple work has extraordinarily increased. So i cant deny there is skill there and i am learning.

    So i guess what makes someone a professional martial artist teacher? How do you tell compared to someone whose just sat on youtube too much. And should i be worried?

    Microsoft now permits uninstalling Edge, Bing, and OneDrive to adhere to the EU's Digital Markets Act.
  • What pisses me off even more is if you start saving too much stuff in your documents/desktop etc you start getting emails from microsoft that your drive is full and you have to purchase more storage (because your harddrive is likely much bigger then your free drive account).

    So I know quite a few elderly people who think they now need to pay money to unlock more memory on their computer to save more stuff.

  • I'm surprised openai's chatgpt is pro socialism
  • I wonder if theres more to it, something about the way it connects make more sense then it being poisioned one way or another. I feel its just something that would be obvious bad to poison. Its not like adding diversity in images where they van argue their side.

    For what its worth, this is the answer/question i get:

  • Does connect have settings for each profile or just one for all?

    Testing out I'm guessing its just one for all? Just want to check incase im missing something.

    I like to have one for my nsfw account and one for my normal so i only use the right one when im in the right headspace.

    I would like to thank Bethesda for making sure i dont overplay Starfield in one sitting... by making sure it crashes on my xbox every 3 hours!!

    Is it only me?

    If you think flying through space is thrilling, imagine how thrilling it is to forget to save for the past half an hour and see that load symbol slowly start to freeze because you walked into a shop.... ...

    Adding a pic of the merch I got today at least.

    Did you know if you are moving many items you can press left on the thumstick and d-pad and it will count twice as fast

    Don't know if it's super useful but was told companions can use weapons you give them if they have at least one ammo piece in their inventory. So I used this to give them one of each out of like a thousand ammo I have.

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