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Just how the f*CK did Nintendo developed tears of the kingdom?
  • Because Nintendo does what the other Nintencan't! Nintendo is awesome! They have the best hardware! Other consoles are just seething when they see how our switch performs 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 They also have resonable prices and top-notch quality assurance, I've never heard a bug in a Nintendo game or hardware!

  • rule
  • Hell yeah Whenever I see a game I like, I check their official site to see if they sell it directly, then, then gog.

    Also has a couple of gold nuggets, and has some interesting things to check out!

  • K for kde(r)ule
  • In reality KDE projects should start with GNU/K, because thr KDE desktop environment is just a small part of the GNU operating system, which is actually the core of the operating system.


  • RULE sensei Piped

    An alternative privacy-friendly YouTube frontend which is efficient by design.


    Piped link because fuck youtube

    (yeah it's the third time I'm making this post because I thought my post wasn't sent, I'm using Jerboa on android, I'm looking for another open source lemmy client, if you have suggestions, let me know, also fuck landlords, hope you have a nice day, love yourself)


    Then what is the correct answer rule


    MGS4 rule


    There's a joke to be made about this but I feel like I'd overstep some boundaries rule

    aka non consented circumcision is a human rights violations rule


    W rule