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Was it a good thing that SNW explicitly said the Federation is socialist?
  • Then explain what the Orion syndicate does for a living. Or how can ferengi pursue profit. Or how captains owned private transport ships and need to take things from one place to the other.

    There's always people who want more than they have, and know who's going to provide them that.

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • Technically correct

    But it's also technically correct that from day 1 Android supported multiple methods of typing, which allows to quickly pivot from physical keyboard to on screen. And it was also flexible in multiple ways.

    While Apple was patenting the size of the phone and the radius of its corners, Android was launching push notifications, which is what allows companies to send messages and allows for video chat calling.

    It makes it a great read

  • Something is growing and I didn't plan it

    I think I dropped seeds here many months ago.

    Not the first time I see something growing that I don't recognise. I guess we have to settle for what the plants want instead of what I'd like to grow.