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Twitter is refusing to pay its Google Cloud bills
  • All the major social medias shitting the bed as more and more people are asking important questions seems a bit convenient for it to be just some rich guy fucking up. Hopefully we get some more of the freedom of mass communication back with the fediverse.

  • What's your favorite book(s) of all time?
  • LOTR

    The Hobbit

    The Count of Monte Cristo

    Harry Potter

    The Expanse (Such good characters)

    Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell

    Dawn of Wonder (Rough around the edges but I love it)

    Anna Karenina (I need to read more Tolstoy)

    His Dark Materials (The Golden Compass specifically)

  • Any of you keeping up to date with modern web dev?
  • A little bit. I work with React and typescript. I've done a few personal projects over the last few months though using NextJS and vercel. Initially used planetscale with prisma on one of them but ended up switching over to firebase because I needed a way to have real time chat functionality and it was just too easy. I am a big fan of nextjs and vercel so far.