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Boeing at it again
  • What is this meme about even?

    Downplaying Boeing's poor safety record by suggesting that they're the subject of repeated attacks that aren't their fault?

    Who does this resonate with even?

  • Wife of U.S. soldier detained in Russia says he was having an affair, not involved in 'geopolitical intrigue'
  • Seems worth noting he's not being charged with anything spying or geopolitics related, but instead he's been charged with theft. No details in the article about what he's accused of having stolen. Seems like almost the only notable fact in this whole story is his being a US soldier in Russia, otherwise there's a ton of Americans accused of pretty crimes while abroad every day.

  • The RTS genre will never be mainstream unless you change it until it's 'no longer the kind of RTS that I want to play,' says Crate Entertainment CEO
  • That doesn't really contradict their premise about making modern RTS. StarCraft and Age of Empires 2 are ancient at this point. An entire generation of kids has grown up since they came out.

    I don't think the fact that you could make a successful mainstream RTS way back then really says much about whether you could make one in 2024.

  • The Real Takeover of Columbia Was By Those on the Right
  • Meanwhile, Representative Elise Stefanik—the star browbeater of the hearings on campus antisemitism called by the House Education and Workforce Committee—has been gunning forthe resignation of Columbia President Nemat (Minouche) Shafik (a matter that is not the purview of politicians, but of faculty, administrators, and trustees).

    It's funny how even after kowtowing to right wing demands, she faces demands to resign not only from the left that she sicced the police on, but also the right that she has been groveling towards.

  • Kristi Noem defends apparent threat to kill Biden’s dog Commander: ‘Say hello to Cricket’
  • Trump has that incredible either-you-see-it-or-you-don't charisma.

    For every Trump there are a thousand wannabes like DeSantis who get destroyed by their gaffes and screw ups (like is supposed to happen) instead of being boosted by them. The exception, despite being very prominent, doesn't break the rule that coverage of a politician's gaffes is normally very, very bad for them.

  • Kristi Noem defends apparent threat to kill Biden’s dog Commander: ‘Say hello to Cricket’
  • I really don't think so. The fact that we're still talking about this week's later is an indication of how dead her national political career is. Her brand is the dog killing politician now.

    She was a contender to be Trump's VP candidate, and he can't stop talking about what a fool she is with no political acumen.

  • Trump will dismantle key US weather and science agency, climate experts fear
  • Team Red doesn't actually have anything of the sort in their heads. They already decided on the conclusion, which is that climate change is fake, and then they grasp on whatever the flavor du jour is for the rationalization on why it's true. That might happen to be this thing you're saying about measuring tools in urbanized areas, but if you cut that down they'll just switch to some other rationalization.

    You can't reason someone out of a position they didn't arrive at with reason in the first place.

  • Trump will dismantle key US weather and science agency, climate experts fear
  • So there's no evidence whatsoever then.

    This conspiracy theory makes as much sense as claiming the reason Republicans are against global warming is Saudi Arabia.

    People on this site lose their minds when the word Russia or Putin appears in a sentence. We don't need dehumanized foreign bad guys to explain away and play cover for the actual bad guys we have domestically in the United States. We have the receipts. It's Exxon and other big corps, not Russia.

  • Trump will dismantle key US weather and science agency, climate experts fear
  • This is a new one on me. Never seen people trying to tie Putin to climate change before. Might as well can him the boogeymonster at this point with the way everything bad is attributed to him online.

    Is there any evidence Putin is pro-global climate change or is this one of those "it just makes sense" sort of things?

    Are we presuming the heads of Exxon and the other big corporations that have been destroying the planet with actual leaked documents receipts to prove they've been behind the suppression of the science and lobbying the Republicans on this also on Russia's payroll?

  • Finally beat cancer
  • Isn't the lowest hanging fruit exactly what they're targeting, i.e. the people who currently have loans, and the higher hanging fruit all the other circumstances people are mentioning here like already paid off their loans or future student who will get loans or in your case people who forewent becoming a student due to the loans?

  • Finally beat cancer
  • Could you walk me through what you see as these folks' hypocrisy? I don't get it.

    Is somebody arguing that loan forgiveness should be a one time thing and no one after them should get it?