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Hamas says it has taken ‘dozens’ of Israelis hostage
  • And of course nobody is seeing the wider range of things. This was obviously caused by Russia and Iran in order to divert western attention from the Ukrainian-Russian war. Start actually giving tools to Ukraine to end Russia and you probably will be ending/preventing conflicts in a lot of places.

  • 50% right is still a failing grade
  • NATO has nothing to do with it. Even worse, NATO was created to prevent this kind of thing happening to countries, and Ukraine was “forbidden” to join NATO to make the Russians happy.

    Look how that turned out to Ukrainians.

  • Putin repeats assertion that Russia did not start war in Ukraine
  • I don’t get it why people still even gives a damn to what he has to say. He’s a war criminal and he DID start a war, no matter how much him and his bots blame NATO.

    He deserves to be arrested together with his supporters.

  • Anon is disillusioned about Starfield
  • That “Chosen one” part makes me feel confused. If you’re a gamer most likely you have been a loser your entire life, so being the “chosen one” for once should make you feel great… no?

    If you just want to be a loser in games just go play Sims 4