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Don't worry, I'm sure you'll be privileged and safe
  • Doesn't matter why you're dissatisfied with him as long as you know that Trump would be worse on all issues (when he's not focused on trying to expatriate natural born citizens and getting revenge on the justice system for holding him accountable for his crimes.)

  • Don't worry, I'm sure you'll be privileged and safe
  • Yeah, I'm all for massive reform, and I'm definitely no fan of Biden, but compared to Trump he's the only option. It a choice between having a broken country, or not having a country at all. (To not even mention the issues regarding the climate, which clearly Trump's the worst choice for.)

  • Congress passes $60.8bn billion Ukraine aid as speaker’s fate hangs in the balance
  • Two things: I bet this just saved Johnson’s bacon. Democrats will likely reward him by not voting against him when MTG raises the vacate vote. I’ll also bet that this only happened because Trump didn’t back Johnson even after he went and kissed the ring.

  • Judge in Trump’s civil fraud trial faces bomb threat ahead of closing arguments
  • Yeah, it’s so ridiculous. Extremely clear that he just wanted to go on one of his usual rants and didn’t want any restrictions. It’s what he tried to do when he was being examined by the prosecution. He tried to pull out and read from a paper he had in his pocket that would “explain everything” and how he did nothing wrong.

  • Trump's rhetoric is increasingly mirroring Nazi talking points, and nobody is paying attention, an expert on extremism warns
  • How the fuck can they say “nobody is paying attention”? We’re paying attention, it’s just half the country doesn’t give a shit. Seriously, people at Trump rallies have been chanting “Dictator day one.” Polls have shown that his supporters like his language.

  • Two Young Raccoons

    These two young-uns have been hanging out in the tree behind our house a few days a week the past month or so. Raccoons really seem to like this tree, there's a family there every year.