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Your memes suck , please stop.
  • Sorry sweaty, but saying anything bad about authoritarian governments (aside from Israel) is xenophobia, you're clearly just suffering from transnationalism and were born in the wrong country

  • What can Democrats actually do about Thomas’s and Alito’s corruption?
  • The founders were entirely aware that not only an entire party, but the entire government could become irrational and work against our best interests: that's why we have the second amendment as a backstop and last line of defense against authoritarian rule

  • What can Democrats actually do about Thomas’s and Alito’s corruption?
  • The nature of democracy not being a system that relies purely on violence for legitimacy (unlike authoritarian forms of government) means that it is a constant forever war against the lapping waves of fascism attempting to slowly erode away our democratic institutions (because we, thankfully, don't just use violence to immediately silence dissidents)

    I think an entire generation of people raised in the peace dividend have forgotten this fact, figured that democracy is the natural course of things, ignored its badly needed maintenance, and are swiftly being reminded of it now that the damage is so readily apparent

  • $843 million lawsuit against Valve already has its own website: "The Steam Claim" accuses the biggest store in PC gaming of "overcharging" players
  • This is true and public knowledge though as I said (details seen here in the "Steam Key Rules and Guidelines" section), if anything Valve is giving devs a lot of leeway by allowing them to do that at all, not only are they giving up their 30% cut but are also then distributing and committing to updating those copies of the game for free

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  • You are cutting off your nose to spite your face, your selfishness and inability to move past your moral grandstanding on this single issue will guaranteed cause untold suffering across the globe (especially to domestic minorities) should the Republicans gain more power

    More dead Ukrainians, more dead Gazans, more dead women, more dead LGBT, and if they get their way, the death of American democracy as we know it

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  • If that's what you have to tell yourself when you and others like you not voting enables Donald Trump and the GOPs super genocide on the Palestinian people, I'm sure their spirits will rest well in their mass graves knowing that you really stuck it to the Democrats

    I for one will be trying to save lives come November

  • $843 million lawsuit against Valve already has its own website: "The Steam Claim" accuses the biggest store in PC gaming of "overcharging" players
  • As far as I know, this only applies to Steam keys: developers are allowed to generate Steam keys for free to sell on their website (Valve does not get 30% of these sales either) with the restriction being they cannot be cheaper than the price on Steam

    I don't think there's ever actually been any proof that Valve disallows selling games for cheaper elsewhere as long as you're not selling those freely generated Steam keys

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  • Non-votes literally do not matter, mathematically it's the same as if you had two votes and you gave one each to both candidates. Parties cannot appeal to you as a non-voter because they have no idea what you want, the only way they can is if you vote in primaries for your candidates of choice so they can see the sorts of things their constituents value. Only don't vote if you truly don't care whether we have "fascism or fascism-lite", because if you would prefer one then not voting only helps the other win.

    Again, general elections are about harm reduction, sometimes you have to be an adult, grit your teeth, and choose between two bad choices because one is clearly the better option. We'll have to eliminate FPTP first if we want anything different.

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  • All this that does is ensure this election’s Democrat is the same as last election’s Republican

    Even if this is true and we're in a metaphorical political nosedive, that's still harm reduction, it's 4 more years to be politically active in a functioning democracy, vote in every primary and general you can from your local school board up to the presidential election, and hopefully pull up hard enough that we don't actually smash into the ground

    If you think our democracy is already too far gone and completely unsalvageable, you shouldn't be advocating for other people not to vote, you should instead be advocating for people to join/form a local militia and start training to defend it because clearly it's already time to break out the 4th box

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  • Why would NATO have any say in if they accept or not? What would the threat be if they do, they stop providing them with arms and ammunition? Surely, if Russia is indeed so benevolent, Ukraine wouldn't need them going forward in this hypothetical peace?

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  • I never did, that's the least destructive way to let your displeasure be known, as long as you still vote for, and encourage others to vote for, the least bad candidates in the general elections (spoilers, the least bad candidates will pretty much universally be blue)