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Ancient CRT monitor hits astonishing 700Hz — resolution reduced to just 120p to reach extraordinary refresh rate
  • IPS matrix screens were kinda ok even in 2007, when I was selling them, but they had a super shitty reaction time, so everything had quite visible trails. That was the time when a good CRT was still a professional choice. But now, and for the last 10 years or so, IPS became much better, and kept their great color palette, so there are zero reasons to look elsewhere, a standard midrange monitor does the job. And if you want even less trouble, just buy a designer a used imac - that's an almost complete workplace, and apples retina screens are also IPS. This is what several development (mobile, web) companies I worked in did.
    Well, you can go fancy and buy new ones, but the used ones are in abundance - rich mac fanboys switch to every new model that comes out

  • The Air BnB market is very competitive
  • If you're tall, then yes, it won't be pleasurable as well. Especially sad because houses of earlier Stalin period were awesome. It doesn't make Stalin any better, and he wasn't solving the problem of overpopulation by building houses (sad joke), but the houses from tgat period are well built, have high ceilings, thick walls, sometimes nice things like second entrances and garbage chutes, etc. This was connected with the industrial and economical boom after the war (so, generally the same stuff that happened in the us, only in the us people got a bigger piece of pie).
    I converted the heights for you:

    • Khruschevka ceiling: 2,5m, 8,2ft
    • Stalinka ceilings - 3-4m, 9,8-13.1ft
  • The Air BnB market is very competitive
  • Oh yes, I've heard of (but haven't experienced myself) a low quality of a "standard" us house, but personally I really value the amount of space over many things. When the covid started, we rented a shitty thin-walled summerhouse to get out of the 5M city and keep some freedom of movement. And it was so awesome I didn't care how much firewood we burned, or how I could hear the kids through 2 walls. Because I could step out of the door and still stay within "my territory", my place. And in most of small apartments, not just the soviet ones, you feel trapped in those 2 or 3 concrete boxes you call home.
    And if you build a house for yourself, you have a chance to make use of all the modern technologies, and some things are not that much more expensive - I know because I did plan to do it, and I even have a giant excel file with calculations and choices made. Never happened because we moved to another country.

  • The Air BnB market is very competitive
  • There was an architect, Le Corbusier. He was a socialist, so his projects of future cities involved a lot of public spaces where people spend their free and working time, while a person's home was just a small area for sleeping and eating breakfast. The Soviets took the idea of small personal homes, and dropped the "nice public areas" part.

    • It's cold in the winter because the walls are quite thin
    • You can hear your neighbours loudly speaking
    • I was lucky to have a normal-sized room in a later "Brezhnevka" house, but many of my classmates had rooms (if they had a separate room at all) where you had a bed, a cupboard+desk combo, and a chair in the middle, that you have to remove to get to the window. Japan-sized stuff.

    Speaking of Le Corbusier, as his main (I know, that's subjective) achievement was a technical approach to ergonomics - all sizes in his projects were based on human sizes and proportions. Meaning that a height of a ceiling is a height of an average adult man raising his hands, + some space. It worked, and it's cost-effective, but you really like some extra space, and have more than 3 sq.m. toilet.

  • Migrants say border agents continue to throw away their belongings like medicine
  • I don't agree with that person, but you're criticizing said person for having opinions and writing about it. They don't owe you writing less, writing left-wing propaganda, or reducing their interest in politics.
    You could write "you're an asshole!" and you would be right, but don't take away a person's right to comment stuff on the internet.

  • It's not even close
  • We (30-40yo guys) just played soccer, and there were too few of us. So we invited some kids who were hanging around on the fields. Well, fuck...
    (The ball flies away)
    Kid: I'll bring it back! (sprints after the ball like I'm not sprinting during the attack, then proceeds to run like that for the next hour)
    We were only better like a pickup truck is better when it collides with a motorcycle