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Daily Discussion Thread: 🐈‍⬛ 🛋️ Saturday, July 13, 2024
  • Just beat Bayle in the Elden Ring DLC. I've found a lot of the boss fights since Dark Souls 3 felt like cheap and tedious slogs, but I really liked this one.

    The NPC quest line leading up to the fight was great too, as well as seeing where you fight him before the showdown.

    I think Elden Ring has the best NPC questlines since the first Dark Souls and the DLC just keeps that going

  • Daily Discussion Thread: 🚒 🔥 🏭 Thursday, July 11, 2024
  • Been sick all this week. I should have taken more than one day off but there are meetings I want to get out of the way. My sense of taste hasn't been the best so I think I'll do a COVID test and if it comes back positive I'll take the rest of the week off

  • Daily Discussion Thread: 🐔🐣🐤 🏚️ 💀 🦦 Sunday, July 07, 2024
  • We watched some old episodes of Ready Steady Wiggle from 10 years ago and the new episodes are so much better. They're more cohesive and have better pacing.

    There are 8 wiggles in the main lineup now, it makes me wonder if there's a US wiggles branch.

    If not, Anthony should take the Trans-Siberian Orchestra approach and have two groups of the wiggles that just tour each coast up and down.

    It would make more than enough to set everyone involved with the wiggles up for retirement

  • Daily Discussion Thread: 🐔🐣🐤 🏚️ 💀 🦦 Sunday, July 07, 2024
  • Not my thing but I noticed these events get suggested pretty heavily on Facebook and Eventbrite. If the thing in Brunswick has a Facebook event all the suggested events should be pretty similar.

    There are also these witchy markets on semi regularly, but they move around. There might be one on near you soon

  • Australian online bookseller Booktopia in freefall as administrators called in
  • I would have bought from booktopia more often but because I use privacy extensions it became impossible to use. I'd get flagged as a not and couldn't do anything on the site.

    This is probably an edge case but it was one of the problems with the site on top of everything else

  • Daily Discussion Thread: ☃️ Wednesday, July 03, 2024
  • I do. I used to wear one all the time as a kid so it's partially out of habit. I don't like having to pull my whole phone out just to check the time when I can do it causally on my wrist, and I have a smartwatch but the screen never turns on when I want it to.

    I bought an automatic Steeldive watch off Aliexpress that's pretty good and one of the cheapest solar watches from Citizen I could find. Solar watches are great, they're so light and require almost no maintenance.

    I'm not into watches for the fashion so I find so many of them incredibly ugly for everyday wear

  • Daily Discussion Thread: ☃️ Wednesday, July 03, 2024
  • Got the lenses in my glasses replaced. They made really unpleasant dashes above and below strong light sources like headlights. It got to the point I almost didn't want to wear them when driving at night.

    Turns out the transition coating is quite heat sensitive. I did some driving back in November when it happened and it must have gotten really hot in the car when it was parked because it was alright when driving. Well, I'll just keep these glasses on me when not in the car

  • Who is Australia's gender neutral bathroom?

    You know how people make jokes about Thatcher and Regan's graves being gender neutral bathrooms?

    Who do you think qualifies, or will qualify, for that title here in Australia?