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Lakota elders helped a white man preserve their language. Then he tried to sell it back to them.
  • while also being unwilling to match that effort to create the textbook yourself.

    But the textbook was developed jointly, precisely through the cooperative labor between the two groups, no? It would not have been possible without the native speakers willing to share this information in the first place, no?

  • Elden Ring: Shadows of the Erdtree will come with a day 1 patch with various improvements
  • From Software aren't generally shitty like that.

    Dark Souls 1 and 2 had notoriously horrible PC ports, and Elden Ring was one of the only games that Valve stepped in to fix themselves through Proton due to its horrible stuttering. Regardless of their intentions, their familiarity with PC hardware is still definitely a "work in progress".

  • YouTube's next move might make it virtually impossible to block ads
  • AFAIK there is no need to re-encode, since Youtube videos are stored and served in chunks anyways. The change is that they are now slipping in the ad chunks as if they were a part of the normal video chunk stream.

  • YouTube looks to be testing server-side ad injection to counter ad blockers
  • Here's an image viewer example with 0 exposed HTML elements (all UI rendered through a single canvas) and 0 human readable code (all client side code compiled to webassembly bytecode). Trying to block unwanted content in this kind of site would be closer to cracking a video game or patching an android app.

  • In the end, I created a new mail
  • As long as you're very thorough about removing any linked connection from your expired e-mail, you should be OK. That includes all accounts that you registered using this e-mail, as well as all e-mail contacts that you've built up using that account.

  • In the end, I created a new mail
  • Note that if you let your domain lapse and someone else registers it afterwards, that person will also gain control over your e-mail address (and likely all accounts associated with it, if they are not secured with an additional factor of authentication / recovery).

  • luv me rover, 'ate me small richard
  • Subaru's full time system definitely is more predictable and confident feeling in most situations for sure. You'd have to go pretty high up in the jeep hierarchy to get more practical capability than your regular base model Subaru.

  • One in five children on the planet is now overweight or obese.
  • Bad reading of the author’s intent and you ignore the immediately preceding sentence which provides context for your cherry picked quote

    It is the subtitle in its entirety, as the author of the article intended. That sentence didn't grow legs and and walk all the way up to the top of the article by itself.

  • Innovation makes useful things smaller - overconsumption makes them bigger and more meaningless
  • I will admit that I am fully biased against the absurd weight of the new 2 series. I'll update the post to reflect what I found instead - the new 2 series is of comparable curb weight, powertrain to powertrain, to the first generation x3, not significantly heavier:

    2L AWD: 3640 vs 3650 3L AWD: 3870 vs 3900

    The 5k weight listed for the x3 seems to be the gross weight (i.e. car + max rated cargo capacity), which wouldn't be comparable to the 2 series, having no such rated capacity.

  • toxic help forum
  • There was a very distinct switch between ~2.7 to ~3.0 where they actually started listening to the users. If you look up the release posts on social media, you can see the community talking about it at that time. Many of them touch on the exact issue of GIMP failing where Blender succeeded.

  • How to get a clue where on the curve of Dunning-Kruger effect you are?
  • That article (or rather, the article linked in that article) doesn't contradict your intuition, just a specific interpretation of that intuition. The randomly generated data puts everyone around 50%, which is indeed what you would expect from randomly uniformly generated data. So the similarity that the generated data presents is supposed to imply the conclusion that "everyone thinks they're about average, so their judgement is no better than randomly guessing (assuming that the guesses are uniformly distributed)", which is a subtle difference from "dumb people think they're smart" - the latter attributes some sort of "flawed reasoning" to one's self-judgement, while the former specifically asserts that there is absolutely no relevant self-judgement going on.

    edit: You would also be correct that this doesn't disprove the previous explanation, it just offers an alternative explanation for the observed effect. The fact that data matches up with a generated model definitely does not prove that it is not actually caused by something else, which is one of the criticisms of that viewpoint. It is obviously easier to rigorously demonstrate a statistical explanation than a psychological explanation of course, due to the nature of the two different fields.

  • Nintendo DMCA nukes 8,535 GitHub copies of Switch emulator yuzu
  • If the current maintainers' efforts are now spread across 5x uncoordinated repositories, and compatibility is disrupted for new titles as a result, then it's a success for Nintendo. Keeping copies around is trivial, sure, but the number of people who actually know what to do with that code AND are willing to wade into the copyright battleground is probably a lot less than what some people here are hoping for.

  • What do you use Waydroid for?
  • Definitely not to have android apps on a Linux tablet, because in-waydroid rotation doesn't work, and rotating the tablet itself breaks the windowing system until you reboot the container. Issue first reported in 2021.

  • Half of America Makes Less Than 35k
  • If you're single and you have 3 roommates, your household is still just you for the purpose of calculating household income.

    Where did you hear this brother?

    A household includes the related family members and all the unrelated people, if any, such as lodgers, foster children, wards, or employees who share the housing unit. A person living alone in a housing unit, or a group of unrelated people sharing a housing unit such as partners or roomers, is also counted as a household.