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[Lemmy] Lazily commenting "paywalled" on news posts should be a bannable offense.
  • “Just post an archive link instead” I often hear.

    That’s a terrible solution (and Lemmy UI’s worst feature), and here’s why:

    Just scrolling through your feed: Is that headline from a reputable source or some trash tabloid, troll farm, or crazy person’s blog?

    You can post the original link and then add the text or an archive link in the body or a comment and this is no longer an issue.

    I guess the "paywalled" comments aren't very useful and I personally wouldn't leave them. I'll just downvote and move on. But banning someone over it seems like overkill.

  • By showing us how small in space mass can be, black holes continuously generate space.
  • My point is: How can you be so sure it has been dismissed?

    Models that don't work should be dismissed. If you have a model for shrinkage that does work it should not be dismissed.

    It appears, the SM doesn’t disagree with shrinkage at all.

    Yup, pretty much.

    But why does it seem your mind being blown by this idea? Maybe be because you didn’t consider us being sucked in anywhere? If that’s the case, here’s why didn’t you consider this yet: I didn’t yet post my post despite the probability of not having a new thought.

    Sorry, I'm not following. My mind is definitly NOT blown and black holes don't "suck in" things. That's a common misconception. And I really don't know what you're trying to say with the sentences after that.

    Your unfriendliness could just have hurt a kid’s interest into space. Remember that.

    I'm sorry that you think I was unfriendly.

    But this a community for people that smoked too much weed to saything dumb things that sound clever when you don't think about them too much.

    If there is actual kids around that are interested in space theneven more important that unscientific non-sense gets called out.


    Quite interesting article, you should read it.

    But the TL;DR here is that so far all "shrinking gravity" models had major flaws and didn't work. And the last idea of perfeclty scaling atoms is unobservable, so really more of a thought expriment than an actual model.

  • By showing us how small in space mass can be, black holes continuously generate space.
  • Well you can’t win a nobel prize while ignoring the standard model, can you?

    Yes you can. You just have to come up with a new model that matches all the current data just as well or better than the standard model.

    There hardly ever is a theory that can explain everything. We basically just go with the model that matches that data the closest.

    Maybe some future astrophysicist will hook up on this.

    I mean the "expansion is just shrinking from another perspective" is not exactly an outlandish or super original thought. I'm sure past astrophysicist have considered it for quite a while, but so far all have dismissed it.

  • By showing us how small in space mass can be, black holes continuously generate space.
  • The expansion of the universe has been confirmed over and over again since it was discovered in 1929, even won the 2011 noble price when they discovered the expansion is accelerating. It's been basically confirmed over and over again for close to 100 years.

    I guess "What instead of the universe expanding we're just shrinkng?" would have been a great showerthought. But you really should just leave at that.

    Once you're trying to come up with explanations involving physics buzzwords it just sounds like pseudoscientific gibberish.

  • What's the dumbest blockbuster movie you have seen that somehow received high praise?
  • Spot on. And don't even get me started on Yoda. Not even did they make him stupid as fuck ... no, he also had to get a little lightsaber and flip around like a character on super smash brothers. So ridiculous and basically a total character assasination.

  • Hezbollah and Hamas flags waved during pro-Palestinian demonstration in New York
  • What data exactly are you looking for? You're expecting someone to do data analysis on the lemmy api for you? You serious?

    What is and isn't a common sentiment on lemmy is inherently a subjective question that depends on your instance, personal settings and browsing behavior (I even hinted at that with the blocklist question). You don't need a "I would say" prefix to make that clear. It's common sense. Trying to spin it so that my statement was somehow supposed to a factual truth while yours wasn't is just petty.

    I usually like your comments, quite said to see you stoop to such bad faith conversation methods.

  • The Hyperloop might be a good idea maybe a 100 years from now
  • as the fuel drops if the fuel doesn’t weigh anything

    That's really not how this works. Yes, hydrogen is very light. But it also much less dense and has lower energy density then regular jetfuel. So if you want the same range on your plane, you'd actually have to load more hydrogen by weight than you would jetfuel.

  • The Hyperloop might be a good idea maybe a 100 years from now
  • plus because hydrogen is lighter than air it means the aircraft that run on it would be even more efficient due to the lower weight

    Hydrogen is lighter then air because it's less dense. So it takes a lot of space to store very little hydrogen. So to have get any useful amount of hydrogen on a plane, you need to store it cryogenically under high pressure. That makes hydrogen planes much heavier and less efficent .. even if you could figure out how to keep the hydrogen cooled on longhaul flights.

    It's also just a general saftey nightmare. And on top if that you'd still produce water vapour as an exhaust, which is a potent greenhouse gas when emitted at altitude.

    Overall hydrogen planes are a terrible idea that don't really solve anything.

  • Anime newbie looking for suggestions

    I watched "Frieren: Beyond Journey's End" a few weeks ago which is probably my first proper anime (not counting the odd episode of Dragon Ball, Sailor Moon or OnePiece I caught on TV as a child) and I really enjoyed it.

    Especially the slow but deep character build up and general world building and exploration themes were really captivating. So I'm looking for something similar with focus on these aspects.

    So far I found "Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina", which was ok but didn't quite live up to Frieren and wasn't nearly as captivating.

    So does anyone know similar shows or at least shows that focus on the aspects of story telling I mentioned avove?