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Listen to those funny accents
  • British English is not some monolith and was less homogeneous than it even is now at the time many were coming to the Americas. If this were true it would only be true for a particular region. English outside of the UK also diverged as it no longer followed trends happening there, and regional variations went in sometimes different directions.

    Even within the US, English isn't super homogeneous. Look at Appalachian compared to California or someplace. Parts of Louisiana have unique features from Accadian and influence from Spanish.

  • Images leak of Valve's next game, and it's an Overwatch-style hero shooter
  • Same. Something I can play, save anywhere to deal with life, and pick back up when time allows. I was one of those weirdos who really enjoyed Doom 3 when it came out (with the ducttape mod; that was one mechanic I didn't like) and grew up on old Commodore, Amiga, and PC single-player games and NES/SNES/Genisis RPGs. I want that again.

  • What it's like to be a developer in 2024
  • You didn't include a version in your query. You also could try using quotes, though this specific entry may not be helped by it (e.g. "in operator"). For most things, you can click a link with the older version and somewhere there is typically a dropdown or something to change the version and, if not, you'll at least know which section/etc. it is in in the new documentation.

    If you don't include a version, it's probably going to pull up questions/answers that it finds most match in general and maybe people just aren't asking that question for your version.

    I think there's a lot to hate about modern search results, but I also think there's some opportunity to search better. I do miss the days when AND, OR, and NOT operators actually worked all the time and as expected.

  • Why No One Wants to Live in Canada
  • Wife: cold/snow and to a lesser degree, level of English (she has no French) and requiring a car/license in a lot of places. Me: cold but also housing prices, and watching various Canadian systems trying at various levels to imitate shitty American ones.

  • In your country, what "common" animals are tourists most excited to see?
  • If they want to pay my property taxes and feed me, then we can argue that. At the moment, it's my land (~8000 sqm) on which I pay taxes and on which I grow my own food. However, it's all a moot point because, at least as of now, I've not seen deer on my actual property; it was just meant to contrast how things work in two countries with which I am familiar.

    The actual problem around here is wild boar which are not ancestrally doing anything in my neck of the woods but have migrated north due to human-caused climate change.

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