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I love the manic cackling
  • Ask another helldiver to bring stun grenades. Fire helldiver + stun helldiver = dream team

  • Helldivers 2 Has Just Accidentally Made the Fire Loadout the One True Meta (Terminids)
  • I've been a pyro from Day 1 and will continue to be one when they nerf it. It's definitely a lot easier now than in the past.

    You had to have lightning reflexes to stop drop cover and roll when fire damage was really high, but now your burning time to death is a lot longer.

    Hunters and jumpers, on fire, no longer catch you on fire because they die before getting close enough. Thanks dot patch.

    Bile and nourishing spewers, the dreaded enemy of all pyros, seem more manageable. They were excellent at one shot killing a helldiver because you couldn't see them through the carnage. Need more time with them at higher difficulties to know.

    Roasting a charger leg using 3/4 of a canister always left good. Thanks fire dmg patch.

    Salute that pyro on a bot planet. That helldiver is living the dream.

  • Roaming bands of Shriekers AND Automaton gunship patrols have been observed.
  • Oh no. The gunships are looking for a breeding site.

  • Looking pretty good
  • My friend was already amazing with the orbital precision strike. This only feeds its eldritch power.

  • New patch is live
  • I'm glad they were able to correct the purifier to their intended vision. You could see where they were trying to go before this patch. Hoping to see where it is at now.

  • Think of the very sick children!
  • I hope we save the children. That's when you know the community has gathered around a common goal.

  • New Major Order: Vernen Wells or Marfark


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    The Messenger
    What do you use the back buttons for?
  • Thanks for connecting these two dots. BallisticNG never crossed my radar.

  • What notes do you find yourself on most often?
  • Gaming notes are my most used type of notes. Missed secrets, to-do, and random thoughts.

    My least used notes are retired TTRPG campaigns. I'm never going to use them but processing them into linked notes was therapeutic.

  • Patch Preview From Twinbeard
  • ETA 2024-06-13.

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    Patch Preview From Twinbeard

    The image is from Twinbeard on the HD2 Discord server. Comment frenzy may now commence.

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    The free demo version of UnMetal is available on GOG.COM. You can download it here Yo

    Viper Commandos Warbond Trailer
  • I would definitely use the knife on my silly level 5 dives. Bots are going to have nightmares.

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    GOG also has the Season Pass for $4.99 (75% off)

    I'm sure it'll be fiiiiiiine...
  • Elden Ring DLC

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    I'm sure it'll be fiiiiiiine...
  • I hope whatever comes out of the Meridia black hole comes out on or after June 21st. All helldivers will be playing Shadow of the Eldtree. No one will be available to defend freedom.

  • [Discussion] New month, new games. What are you playing on your Steam Deck? - June 2024
  • Creaks is a great game. Hope more people play it.

  • Mini Motorways - Official Vancouver Map Mini Motorways - Hit the rocky roads with our first Canadian map! - Steam News

    The mountains, coast, and lush parks of Vancouver will keep you busy as a beaver.

    Mini Motorways - Hit the rocky roads with our first Canadian map! - Steam News

    I think Mini Metro had a Vancouver map in the workshop.

    Strohmann News - Supercolony Destroyed
  • Can you imagine if we didn't turn off the TCS on the remaining 3 barrier planets? We could have done this three more times.

  • Strohmann News - Supercolony Destroyed

    Keep a look out for this latest Strohmann News on your Freedom Monitor

    [Discussion] New month, new games. What are you playing on your Steam Deck? - June 2024
  • Stardew Valley modded. Send help. I'm getting closer to mod inception territory.

  • [Discussion] New month, new games. What are you playing on your Steam Deck? - June 2024
  • Olli Olli World is a great game. Have you tried Rollerdome? It's a shame Roll7 got shutdown. Hope all those affect find a good job.

  • It's beautiful [recent in-game spoilers]
  • I'm hearing undemocratic sounds from that black hole. It has been reported to the nearest democracy officer.

  • Victory! Supercolony is No More
  • There's a little surprise for those Super Destroyers in Meridia orbit.

  • Victory! Supercolony is No More


    Helldivers, thanks to your valiant efforts the Terminid Supercolony on Meridia has been eradicated.

    All it took was courage, determination, and the total collapse of the planet into a black hole. A brave sacrifice that has not seen any unforeseeable consequences.

    Let this day forever be a reminder of what happens to those forces who align themselves in opposition to Liberty. Although the price paid in galactic real-estate (and lives) has been high to achieve this outcome, no price can ever be deemed too high in the defense of Freedom. Where once the heart of Terminid darkness stood, now a beautiful black hole shines as a symbol of justice on a galactic scale.

    Spontaneous celebrations have erupted across the galaxy to give thanks to the many Helldivers who fought tirelessly against the fierce Terminid defenses - gradually wearing the Supercolony down - in order to ultimately gain victory on this historic day.

    You are become Helldivers, liberators of worlds!

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    1.000.305 Patch Notes HELLDIVERS™ 2 - 🛠️ PATCH 1.000.305 ⚙️ - Steam News

    🔧 Fixes Fixed an issue causing enemies to spawn on the drill during the Operation: Enduring Peace order mission. 🧠 Known Issues These are issues that were either introduced by this patch and are being worked on, or are from a previous version and have not yet been fixed. Players may not have the o...

    HELLDIVERS™ 2 - 🛠️ PATCH 1.000.305 ⚙️ - Steam News


    Fixed an issue causing enemies to spawn on the drill during the Operation: Enduring Peace order mission.

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    [Steam] Chorus ($4.99 / 80% off) Save 80% on Chorus on Steam

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    New Major Order: Destroy Meridia
  • Bug holes spawning on top of the drill is a bug. Hot fix incoming. No ETA but will update once it releases.

    Update: Patch 1.000.305 fixes this bug.

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    [Steam] The Last Campfire ($1.49 / 90% off) Save 90% on The Last Campfire on Steam

    The Last Campfire is an adventure, a story of a lost ember trapped in a puzzling place, searching for meaning and a way home.

    Save 90% on The Last Campfire on Steam
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    [Steam] Undertale ($2.49 / 75% off) Save 75% on Undertale on Steam

    UNDERTALE! The RPG game where you don't have to destroy anyone.

    Save 75% on Undertale on Steam

    New Major Order: Destroy Meridia

    Operation: Enduring Peace - Phase 2 (Final)

    After much sacrifice, our Heroic Helldivers have successfully cleared the way to the Terminid Supercolony upon Meridia.

    Weaponized payloads of Dark Fluid from the research facility upon Moradesh have been deployed across the Super Destroyer Fleet. But now remains the toughest task of them all: Landfall upon Meridia.

    The Helldivers will deploy to the surface of Meridia to deploy partial payloads of Dark Fluid across the planet. Once a critical mass is reached, the Dark Fluid will accrete into a superdense mass, triggering total planetary implosion.

    So it begins, Helldivers, the great battle of our time.

    Make us proud. Destroy it all.

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    [Steam] Besiege Seafarer Edition ($10.06 / 58% off)


    EXO-49 Emancipator Exosuit Now Available

    Congratulations Helldiver, Your efforts in Varylia 5 has resulted in Super Earth obtaining control of the Petafactory. The EXO-49 Emancipator Exosuit is now available Helldivers (Purchase with 20,000 requisition slips at your Super Destroyer). For a limited time, SEHC has issued the EXO-49 as a mission stratagem.

    SEHC has praised the Helldivers for the defence of Angel's Venture, allowing the front to remain stable. The Terminid hivemind is now attacking Heeth with the goal of destroying the newly-constructed SEAF Training Facility.