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Or maybe introduce them to Little Bobby Tables

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> Or maybe introduce them to Little Bobby Tables > > (skeletor is leading by example by adding that unnecessary apostrophe...)

TIL: How to Wake up a Laptop without WoL
  • I must be too old school because my first thought when i read this was “with an old solenoid lying around and a few lines of code, an AtTiny could strike a key on the bluetooth keyboard, waking the laptop!

  • The White House wants to 'cryptographically verify' videos of Joe Biden so viewers don't mistake them for AI deepfakes
  • If a cryptographic claim/validation is provided then anyone refuting the claims can be seen to be a bad faith actor. Voters are one dimension of that problem but mainstream media being able to validate election videos is super important both domestically, but also internationally as the global community needs to see efforts being undertaken to preserve free and fair elections. This is especially true given the consequences if america’s enemies are seen to have been able to steer the election.

  • Reddit redesign is getting forced onto users without an opt-out option
  • Recipe for instant good Lemmy community

    Effort required from you: 1 hour

    1. Sign up two or three Lemmy accounts. 5 minutes
    2. Go to a niche reddit community and grab half a dozen good submissions in the last year or so. Post them to your Lemmy with different accounts. 10 minutes
    3. Now for the hard part. Go and create some good quality original submissions. Work hard on 2-3 good pieces of content that don’t exist on reddit. 35 minutes.
    4. Post links to those submissions on reddit. 5 minutes
    5. Spend a few seconds voting up and engaging with any commenters in your new community. 5 minutes

    Even simple upvotes from your few accounts can catalyse engagement and make the community start to come together.