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Just a rock-licker who loves all things sci-fi, boardgames, and growing my own food, especially heirloom tomatoes.

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A couple of juvenile house finches enjoying the seeds of my black oil sunflowers

They look pretty grown but just before I snapped this pic, one of them was begging an adult at my bird feeder, very cute to watch them flitting around.

[Image description: two small brown and white speckled finches perched on a mature sunflower that is drooping with the weight of its seed head. One of the finches is sitting upright on the neck of the sunflower, while the other is flipped upside down to get at the seeds. The whole image has grid pattern imposed on it, due to being taken through a window with a mesh screen.]

Queen Victoria agave from above
  • Yes! I saw this over on pics and thought it would fit perfectly here, but didn't have the time at the moment to cross post.

  • [Recipe] Leftover eggs and rice.
  • Yum, love a good fried rice! I think that recipes which use up leftovers while making you not feel like you're eating the same thing for the Nth meal in a row are essential tools in a home cook's arsenal.

  • Flame Broiler beef and veggie bowl copycat (sort of)

    As is often the case with my meals, this was a "use it up before it turns" meal. Had some beef top round roast, jalapenos, carrots, and cabbage, plus a giant bag of oranges from my parent's tree that need to be eaten, and this is what came out.

    General recipe:

    • Slice beef into strips, marinate for a few hours in orange juice, soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, pepper and garlic powder.
    • Stir fry ginger, garlic, and onion, then add julienned carrot, jalapeno, cabbage and roughly chopped mushrooms. Don't over crowd the wok, cook in batches. I added a splash of soy and rice vinegar to the cabbage at the end to steam it at little.
    • Pat the beef strips dry before searing in the wok, again working in batches.
    • Cook down the marinade, add a corn starch slurry, and keep adding a little bit of soy sauce, rice vinegar, and brown sugar until it hits the right Magic Sauce™ blend of overly sweet, tangy, savory.
    • Serve on rice with some green onions.

    Still have more beef and more oranges, going to use the same marinade, but add lime and turn it into some carne asada for tomorrow.

    [Image description: a blue bowl on a speckled white countertop. Inside the bowl is white rice and mixed sauteed vegetables, topped with small cubes of beef with a drizzle of glossy dark brown sauce, and a sprinkle of sliced green onion.]

    Words for an Epic Quest, part 3
  • I love these comics, I always know at least one of the words (and therefore get to feel smart), and learn some new ones with cute illustrations.

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • I completely agree. Every so often I get an itch to have a look at Reddit, and though the niche subs still seem alright, the comments of anything near the front page are beleaguered with low-quality jokes and karma grabs.

    God forbid you're actually interested in discussing the subject, any comment that takes more than a few seconds to write or read gets buried under a thousand others like your first examples.

  • what's the latest image in your download folder?
  • Rosemary chips actually sound pretty good, never seen that in the US.

  • What is your favorite PG rated horror movie?
  • It's like Final Destination with children.

    I think that's a fantastic description for Willy Wonka. I remember as a kid watching the boat ride scene and thinking "is Mom sure this is a kid's movie‽"

  • The Day Sweden Switched from Driving on the Left Side (Sept 3, 1967)
  • Probably because it was a big event and everyone wanted to be out to watch the roads switch sides.

  • I think he wanted to thank me for petting him but did not realize he's licking the cone
  • Aww what a sweet baby. I'm sure he appreciates the comforting after the vet <3

  • Sometimes she poses just right to show off her peanut whiskers
  • Yes! We call those her leg warmers too :D

  • First smoke
  • Man what a feast, wish I was one of your guests!

  • Sourdough Jalapeno & Cheddar Inclusion "Artisan" Loaves
  • Oooh yum, those look delicious!

  • Sometimes she poses just right to show off her peanut whiskers
  • Sure does! Another little standard issue cutie

  • Sometimes she poses just right to show off her peanut whiskers

    Her first time seeing a balloon, was absolutely fascinated.

    [Image description: a brown and white tabby cat sitting in front of a backlit curtain, staring upwards with rapt attention. The end of the balloon ribbon can be seen dangling to one side. The angle of her head emphasizes the roundness of her little cheeks.]

    So I tried out that cabbage tarte tatin that was on the front page of Serious Eats
  • That's true, it's just that they use savory as a descriptor, when I found the end result to be more dessert than main.

    They've got a version that uses onions and much less sugar, so maybe I'll try a mix of onions and cabbage to get that caramelization. Or just apply the sugar as a glaze on the bottom before the bake, so that it's a layer of sweetness, and not sweet throughout.

  • Quick batch of chicken stock
  • Thanks for confirming. That's what I thought I'd remembered reading, and I had wanted to toss a quart jar in there, but was too tired in the moment to track down and verify it would be safe.

    Makes sense not to do that with things that are more sensitive, but stock wouldn't be bothered by being cooked a little extra.

  • Quick batch of chicken stock
  • Followed the blue book, 10lbs for 20 minutes.

  • So I tried out that cabbage tarte tatin that was on the front page of Serious Eats
  • Hey no aesthetic shaming my food! #notyourplatingstandards

  • Quick batch of chicken stock

    From the bones of a couple Costco rotisserie chickens and veggie scraps saved in the freezer. Only boiled the bones for a couple hours, so didn't get as much gelatin out of them as I'd like, but it was getting late. I also thought I had more pint jars, had to put the last bit of stock into a couple quart jars in the fridge.

    Is it possible to mix jar sizes when canning? Assuming you process them all using timing for the larger jar size?

    [Image description: five pint jars of opaque tan broth, still slightly bubbling as they cool on a towel on a kitchen counter. In the background a stock pot and an All American 910 can be seen.]


    So I tried out that cabbage tarte tatin that was on the front page of Serious Eats

    Here's the link to their recipe.

    Now normally Serious Eats is pretty bang on with their recipes, but this one has a CRAZY amount of sugar in it. I made it as directed (but using store bought puff pastry) for Mother's Day, and it was tasty but so sweet it could have been served for dessert.

    This is the second time I made it, but with half the sugar. However sweet is still the dominant note, even after adding Worcestershire sauce, tart goat cheese, and more herbs. If you want to make this, seriously try using just a quarter of the sugar they ask for, and you might get something more savory.

    [Image description: a circular tart made of layers of deeply caramelized cabbage in a sticky glaze. A bit of golden crust can be seen on the edges, and the tart is sitting on a wooden cutting board on a stove top.]

    Someone had to climb the mid Alps (3200ft)
  • Gorgeous view, and got yourself a natural cooler with those icebergs!

  • Arkie Amber red ale overlooking downtown Hot Springs, Arkansas

    [Image description: a dark red beer in a glass sitting on a wooden ledge, unfocused in the background are trees with fresh spring leaves and old brick buildings.]

    Tofu Nuggets
  • Man that's just begging for some sauce or a curry! Giving me some inspiration for dinner 🤤

  • Portland man files $1.5 million discrimination lawsuit against 24 Hour Fitness
  • So basically 24h fitness hires a guy with loads of racist posts on social media, who them proceeds to be a racist. I'm surprised that the general manager knew that her employee had repeatedly called the cops and harassed a man because of his race, and yet didn't fire him.

  • Taking a break from the slopes with a trio of Rök House Brewing at the lodge at Mt. Baldy

    Featuring a hazy IPA, a brown ale, and half of a very foamy blond (that the bartender gave me for free).

    [Image description: three cups with medium, dark, and light colored beer on a table next to a ski helmet, the view outside the window behind features snow covered tables, trees, distant mountains and clouds.]


    Buttery fresh snow at one of my favorite local spots, Mt. Baldy!

    cross-posted from:

    > Buttery fresh snow at one of my favorite local spots, Mt. Baldy! > > [Image description: a ski run on a snowy mountain, other runs are visible on an opposing mountain face, and the weather is bright and sunny with a few wispy clouds.]

    Skiing thrawn

    Buttery fresh snow at one of my favorite local spots, Mt. Baldy!

    [Image description: a ski run on a snowy mountain, other runs are visible on an opposing mountain face, and the weather is bright and sunny with a few wispy clouds.]

    Skiing thrawn

    Was browsing through OpenSkiMap and came across this delightful blurb from 1973 about a little local hill in Iowa


    An IPA at my local hill

    [Image description: a can of Golden Road Brewing Ride On tropical IPA on a wooden table, with ski slopes in the unfocused background.]


    Just pre-ordered the A6 X2

    I've been eyeing getting an e-ink notebook for ages, finally decided to take the plunge. I really appreciated how transparent and anti-planned obsolescence Supernote is, and I'm excited to get my hands on the A6 X2.


    New update to the USDA hardiness zone map

    The last version was made back in 2012, and it's crazy to compare the two and see how warming has pushed temperature bands further north.


    Threatening a smackdown

    Followed by the Paw of Rejection™ !

    [Image description: first photo is of a brown and white tabby cat on a bed looking slightly irritated, with one paw poised over a hand which is spread on the bed towards the cat. The second photo is the cat looking away with that paw pressed down on the hand.]


    Growing garlic for the first time, cloves planted on the 22nd are starting to sprout

    [Image description: a split photo, with the top picture showing cloves/bulbs of Elephant, Vietnamese Purple, and Nootka Rose garlic varieties about to be planted in a raised bed mulched with straw, and the bottom picture showing a few green sprouts peeking up through the straw.]


    Little butt enjoying the flowers on a California Goldenbush

    [Image description: a bee on clusters of small bright yellow flowers on a plant with angular, slightly fuzzy leaves.]


    Ethiopian food is delicious, just wish injera was less gross looking

    [Image description: a hand holding a piece of injera, a grayish-tan spongy flatbread.]


    Whipped up a chile verde-style stew with homegrown peppers

    I love my instant pot, it makes cooking meats and dried beans so easy.

    Here I grabbed a hunk of frozen pork shoulder, threw it in the pot with a can of beer and some seasonings. Hour and a half later, pulled out the pork and dumped in some dry pinto beans to cook in the remaining liquid. Half hour after that, all that was left was to shred the pork and add it back to the beans with a jar of salsa verde I canned using produce I grew last year.

    Stopping there would still have made for a good stew, but I reserved the pork fat cap prior to shredding, and roasted it, making crispy chef nibbles and a bunch of rendered fat. I coated slices of poblanos with the fat and charred them with my broiler and a blow torch.

    The stew is topped with cotija cheese and the crumbs from the bottom of a bag of tortilla chips.


    I picked a peck of poblano peppers

    Which were delicious roasted and added to a chile verde.

    [Image description: a hand holding five poblano peppers, two green and three red, in front of a pepper plant.]


    One of my favorite bumper stickers

    I've had a few people ask me about it, and I usually get as far as "So in Star Trek, there's this alien race called the Ferengi where the women aren't allowed..." before their eyes glaze over and I see them dismissing it as some nerd thing.

    [Image description: a sticker depicting Ishka from DS9 rolling up her sleeve in the classic Rosie the Riveter pose, with a speech bubble saying "The Future is Fe-male."]