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“We Can Still Contact Technical Support in the West”: Russian weapons are being manufactured on foreign machinery — but why are they still running?
  • So this boils down to, these products are more expensive now that sanctions are in place, because middlemen are needed to circumvent the sanctions.

    That translates to sanctions working exactly as intended right? It doesn't matter if they still get the product as long as it's costing them a lot more than it would before sanctions.

  • YouTube will ask iOS users to 'Allow’ tracking for more personalized ads
  • It's annoyingly fairly priced. I'm fairly sure they're doing this at a loss to put competitors in the music streaming services out of business so they can hack up the price.

    Standard Google/TV streaming service practice.

  • Stonehenge sprayed with orange powder paint by Just Stop Oil activists
  • Many of the recent protests about climate change have been less direct and more about stirring up controversy to force the public to actually think about their decisions.

    My hat off to them as so far this style of protest has been working and has resulted in many of us pushing for better climate control.

    You're right this isn't going to stop companies, but even if you disagreed with them it puts climate change in your conscious mind. Even if that simply means you'll try to make slightly more climate friendly decisions moving forwards, that's a win.

    Personally I don't know if I agree with the technique, but I do feel like it has been working in terms of making people discuss this topic more.

  • Nearly all major car companies are sabotaging EV transition, and Japan is worst, study finds
  • Probably like most other countries, there's a sensible way to do things if the country is governed well.

    Then, there's the ridiculous way that occurs when different sections of a country are pulling in opposite directions, without being well guided by the governing power.

    If car companies can make more money short term by not switching to EV, they will. They don't care that consumers and the country would have a cheaper time with EVs. Also there's all the fuel companies that stand to lose a lot of money when we make the switch to EV.

  • Meta pauses plans to train AI using European users' data, bowing to regulatory pressure
  • I'm happy to take the time to alter your perspective, if you are open to new information.

    You took some time, but spent it explaining at a fairly technical level, rather than a lamens term approach. I doubt you managed to change many people's perspective, but you maybe reinforced some.

  • Top EU Court Says There’s No Right To Online Anonymity, Because Copyright Is More Important
  • I'd argue that it's naive to think we can ever think non-individually as a species. Maybe I've just become cynical as I've aged and experienced though, not to say you haven't also experienced - more that, if you have, your experiences have clearly been very different to my own.

  • Morning suffering
  • I live in a climate where running midmorning is great. At 10am it's a lovely 15 or so degrees in the summer, maybe 20 on a hot day. Any higher and screw running that day but it'll be cool again soon. Great for running after I've had time to remember my own name.

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • Just fackin' sort it ooouuttt!

    Edit, but seriously sorting in most scenarios is just by date created or name, which most file explorers can do.

    That Isn't generally an AI task.

    If OP wants the AI to read the file and sort by colour for example, then this is maybe an AI task but sounds more like a software task.

  • Top EU Court Says There’s No Right To Online Anonymity, Because Copyright Is More Important
  • Lol yeah.

    Good luck spending time and money investing in something that you know will have zero legal protection as 'yours' after you go to market.

    I personally feel that a copyright does give confidence to product developers to actually develop products. If they felt they weren't going to get anything for their work they just wouldn't bother and our tech advancement would stall significantly.

  • How's your week been?

    Good things bad things. Feel free to vent!

    We just made pizza together woop woop!


    similar communities for mums or parenthood in general?

    I'm trying to convince my wife to come over to lemmy but want to fulfill her community wants.

    Does anybody know any communities for mums or parents in general?