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Slimy Ape - 99.99MHz 99.99MHz [CLIP]

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99.99MHz [CLIP]
Bengal Sound - Red Diamond // Hurt Me Bengal Sound - Red Diamond // Hurt Me (Forthcoming IMRV039)

IMRV039 - Bengal Sound A. Red Diamond B. Hurt Me 12" - Available to order 7:00pm UK time - 15/05/24 - Exclusively from our Bandcamp store, limited numbers available. Full release date 15/06/24 M

Bengal Sound - Red Diamond // Hurt Me (Forthcoming IMRV039)
With Bear - Grounded
  • Everyday there be more! :D

  • Geode - Sundown LP
  • Love a bit of Geode!

  • Tip of my Tongue! B-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b booyakusha!
  • Sorry, I have absolutely no idea but good luck in your quest xD

  • ATVMXXI - Cold + Raw [EP]
  • Cool, thanks. I'll give it a listen a bit later on :D

  • ATVMXXI - Cold + Raw [EP]
  • I've been waiting for this to release to have a listen as I've never heard of the artist. It's pretty decent!

  • Oblongar - Speeder
  • Aight it just!

  • Favourite release of 2023?
  • Nice one, cheers for the link. I'm gonna give it a listen at work tomorrow!

    Yeh I've been trying to branch out a little bit more rather than just solely mixing dubstep and trying to add in other things I enjoy and listen to. I haven't played around with stems etc as of right now but I have just got a new controller so I am trying to practice a new workflow and right now my mixing sounds a bit dodgy in places where I'm concentrating more on where the button I want is rather than the music xD

    I currently use Traktor and I want to build up a sample deck full of clean acapellas of stuff I enjoy so it can just sit in deck 4 and I can call upon then whenever I want whilst mixing as normal with the other 3. That's the plan anyway!

    This is my mixcloud although it doesn't have any super recent mixes as I haven't uploaded since they introduced having to pay to have more than 10 mixes on there.

  • Favourite release of 2023?
  • Ahhh yes, I do recognise this track but never knew the name chefs kiss

    You got any mixes online I can check out?

    My current thing I have been really enjoying is mixing in old 00s hip hop / r&b vocals into my dubstep mixes, just need to find a better source of acapellas but can't hate on some what's your fantasy or forget about dre over some sick bass lines xD

  • Favourite release of 2023?
  • Yes! Shades release this year was decent and I love most things Alix Perez puts out but Drone is one of my absolute favourites, anything he puts out is day one buy for me!

    Don't think I heard Trust though, I'll have to go check that out, thanks :D

  • Favourite release of 2023?
  • Awesome, thanks for the recommendation, I'll give it a listen but just from the intro you'd probably dig the stuff posted over in the atmospheric bass community as well if you haven't already checked it out :)

  • Favourite release of 2023?
  • How do you know when you have graduated from poser cause I still feel like I fit into that category xD

    If you have been coming here and checking out what I post then you have probably been following it more than you realise as I try to post 2 things a day and it will always be new releases until I run out them and then I dip into older stuff I know :D

    Thanks for dropping by either way, do you have a favourite regardless of release?

  • Sepia - Tales From The Crypt
  • Lovely chill tune from Sepia!

  • No worries, ALXZNDR has a lot of good stuff IMO :)

  • Noclu - Tribez
  • I enjoyed this whole release :D

  • Murkury - Hold Me Down EP
  • Nice, I like a lot of the stuff the Undergrowth lot put out as well, Murkury being one of the more stand outs for me. This little EP is fire, I'm the wrong side of the pond to ever see them billed on shows over here though.

  • Truth - Elephant Scatter
  • It's 140 so not really IMO

  • [WPR069] Sorrow - Dark Zone EP
  • Likewise, I like most things White Peach put out to be fair!

  • Sukh Knight - Overproof EP
  • Shit, thanks for the detailed reply. I'll need to go through this when I have a minute and explore :D

  • Sukh Knight - Overproof EP
  • Kromestar is great too!

    What sort of sound is steppas? Recommend me a couple of tracks that you think would sell it to me xD

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