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  • Lay flat and reach the edge. Unless you jumped out into the middle, you should be within arms reach of solid ground. Don't try to pull your legs out until you have something to grab onto.

  • Every damn day
  • Yeah, I had a manager try to pull "You'll need to find coverage for the day." I'll ask around, but that kind of sounds like your job. Everybody said no to me, so it's going to be even harder for you. Best of luck!

  • Piranhas
  • I'm not sure you read my comment.

    Sand and water forms a non-newtonian fluid that compresses under pressure. Once you sink into it, pulling out requires exponentially more force. You're correct that you would float on quicksand if buoyancy was the only force involved. However, if you end up with both feet in, and you're sinking, the first impulse is to try to step up and out. Unfortunately, lifting one foot pressed the other deeper into the quicksand. If you remain perfectly still, you'll stop sinking at your waist. But if you move your legs, you will sink further down and your buoyancy won't lift you back out unless and until the quicksand gels again.

  • iFixit: We’re Ending Our Samsung Collaboration
  • I'm not sure who you mean by "they". iFixit is great, but they just sold me the tools and the parts, and provided the replacement guides. I have been a customer since they opened their webshop, but I haven't ordered anything from them for a few years. I can only assume they still have great customer service, if they're willing to cut ties with Samsung over customer privacy.

    Samsung was OK back then. I really liked the device, but it was a little flawed and they offered nothing for the battery that didn't hold a charge. Eventually the charging port also failed, but by that time I had three spare batteries, so I would just rotate them through the device rather than plug it in. The screen cracking was on me, I dropped it, but the other issues shouldn't have required a third-party DIY repair channel at all.

  • Report: NFL Could Implement Chain Gang Replacement in 2024 Season
  • You're right. But AI could be watching every player on the ice and flag anything that might look like high sticking, or offsides, or cross checking, and then one ref in a booth reviews the play. You could have three refs in three rooms, and if two out of three call the penalty, it goes to the ice. They could watch every game from one location, and there would be little room for debate.

  • iFixit: We’re Ending Our Samsung Collaboration
  • It's impressive they managed to last this long. I remember getting the ifixit kit for my first Note. I think I replaced the screen twice and had several spare batteries after the first one stopped holding a charge.

  • I'm ready to be hurt again!

    Look, we're obviously not the best team. We have significant flaws, and Embiid cannot carry this team by himself.

    But how can you not be hyped after watching Batum raining threes and Tobias on the bench? Embiid took his time getting it together, but he got it done when it mattered.

    We can beat the Knicks. We can beat anybody if we play our best.

    Maybe we don't. Maybe we lose again and everybody starts thinking about next year.

    But we are still in this. The Philadelphia 76ers still have a chance to show the world what they can do as a team. So let's get hyped and enjoy the ride!

    A "Healthy Amount of Cheese" is always an Unhealthy Amount of Cheese.

    I heard someone say this in a video recipe, followed by way more cheese than you should eat at once. It occurred to me that the phrase means ample, not nutritious.

    Hulu sucks. How are you watching the game?

    Basically title. I'm curious how others are watch the game. I cut cable a long time ago, and have Hulu live for this season, but it's just awful. Their app sucks, the unskippable ads are all over the place, and tonight it started recording at 4:30.

    So what is everyone else using?

    Can flies recognize that I'm holding a flyswatter?

    Has this ever happened to you? There's a fly in the house, buzzing around you, so you go to the cabinet to get the swatter. But as soon as you start wielding it, the little bastard disappears. You set it down, and now he's back, taunting you.

    Ok so obviously flies don't taunt, but do they have the capacity to recognize, even instinctually, that I'm holding a deadly weapon?

    So, Five Centers, huh?

    Anybody else want to see all five on the court together and just have them make a giant wall around the paint? No? Alright, me neither then.

    So what the fuck is Morey doing?

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