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'Stop electing stupid people': Rage as Marjorie Taylor Greene flunks American history test
  • You guys have to look at it in context. She IS representing her district. She's actually above average around those parts. It's sad and off putting when viewed through your eyes but in her district she is a towering intellect, the likes of which will rarely be repeated in the future. We should all celebrate her efforts to participate in representative government.

  • Scientists find desert moss ‘that can survive on Mars’
  • Man, that title. They grew everything in sand. Regolith is filled with concentrated salts, and there's no liquid water that we know of. At best, this experiment shows that if your inedible moss in a flower pot is briefly exposed to actual Martian conditions, it might survive when you bring it back inside.

  • Fried Shrimp over Fettuccine Alfredo


    French Fried

    This guy was on the Belgium float in the NATO parade in Norfolk today. He looks like he was celebrating another holiday too. !


    One More Toby and Hondo

    I love looking at these two.


    More Toby and Hondo

    Dog friends forever.


    Toby and Hondo

    Toby and Hondo are neighbors and best buds.