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Botanists vote to remove racist references from plants’ scientific names
  • That's cuz Stephen King is a trash writer from trash Maine!

    Not really though. I love Stephen King books, except when that fucker made me cry reading The Green Mile.

    I actually know nothing about Maine, I was just going for the low-hanging fruit

  • The scientific method
  • A lot of human survival is based on heuristics, if you can tell there's a corpse in something, you probably shouldn't drink or eat it... As a general rule of thumb

    And this is why it's dangerous to drink ocean-water.

    Also why you should drink lots of that delicious peepee pool-water

    ETA: If you're having dinner with someone who dies in the middle of eating their food, you can safely finish their food, drink, and poisoned soup as long as they didn't die face-down in it.

    This PSA brought to you by the Society of Selective Listeners

  • Pre-Mac OS X games

    Hopefully this is the right place to post:

    I've been trying to help my mother declutter her house, primarily of the stuff my father left behind when he died nearly a decade ago. I recently found a good number of discs for Mac from pre-OS X. I unfortunately don't have any running old Macs anymore and have neither the time or space to do anything with them.

    I hate tossing out anything that someone else could use and selling my dad's stuff makes me feel gross. If anyone is willing to cover shipping, I'd be more than happy to send them whatever Mac games I come across.