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Anon goes on a date
  • Both sides

    Left: education should be free and unbiased! Facts and science should be taught!

    Right: there should be ten commandments in every classroom, all schools should be privately owned, mandatory Bible study

  • Anon notices a trope
  • I'm a dude with long hair, long hair is a burden. It fucks up your vision, can be irritating, requires lots of maintenance. When you are under pressure for any reason id say it's nice for it to just be gone

  • Exposed lead on keel

    Bought a 1984 Hunter 27 recently. There is some exposed lead on the keel where some paint is chipping off. Any advice?

    Announcing the Ladybird Browser Initiative
  • Not very many, and many are not featured complete. There's really just fire fox and chrome. However there's a couple of wacky ones like mothra on plan9 but it can't do JavaScript and ignores some modern web practices. Then there are also terminal based browsers.

  • State of S3 - Your Laptop is no Laptop anymore
  • Edit! I'm wrong! Read below comment

    A hibernation state where your laptop completely powers off saving current ram to disk to resume from when the system is powered back on. The article is a pretty interesting read!