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T-Mobile users thought they had a lifetime price lock—guess what happened next
  • Except the possibility to keep the current price is no longer available, therefore, the consumer does not have the option to continue paying the same price, ergo TMobile forced the customer to change the price they pay, either to a higher amount for the same contact or to 0 for no contact. The original advertisement stated that TMobile would never change the price a customer pays, but it directly forcing this change by not offering the same contact.

  • Bills trade Stefon Diggs to Texans
  • No big names, but good young talent in Shakir and Kincaid, both of which contributed a bunch last season. Knox is still with them as well. Samuel via the trade recently. Not a great receiving corps but not horrendous at this stage. Assuming talent will be added through the draft as well.

  • Patriots trading QB Mac Jones to Jaguars for late-round draft pick
  • As a bills fan: good. Now we can lump our embarrassing losses together: instead of two bad ones: losing to the jags and the pats with Mac, now we can just lose to the jags with Mac and be done with it and on with our season! (Unaware if they actually play this coming season)