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Trump advisers propose mandatory military service
  • We still have mandatory registration for selective service, it's only for men, and feminist groups like the national organization of women believe it should be expended to I clude women or eliminated because it's sexist

  • Trump vows to end taxation of tips at sweltering Las Vegas rally
  • This country operated without an income tax for 135 years and you're citing a 5 year period in a single state? Talk about cherry picking.

    Taxes are necessary, fine. Cheerleading them is stupid. You're not a hero for paying taxes, you're doing the bare minimum to stay out of jail. And considering how they're spent, you're kind of a villain.

    If you dont like how your taxes are being spent. Vote in better people.

    Oh, it's my fault the feds reguarly use my money to kill people, ok. Guess I should have voted harder.

    Hey, if this is one single person's responsibility, why haven't you fixed it?

    Nobody cares about local elections

    My local taxes are rarely spent on bombs, drones, missiles, or genocides.

  • Anon tries to keep his hands busy
  • It's not a cause lmao. Europeans were going to violently colonize the Americas, Africa, and Australia whether they followed Jesus, Buddha, or no one at all. It's not like the Bible said "hey guys, those people over there don't have guns, and they've got lots of gold".

    Gb2 r/atheism with your nonsense

  • Anon tries to keep his hands busy
  • I don't care about motivation

    Really? This you?

    The only reason for that is the many genocides perpetrated against members of other religions. Especially in places like Australia and the Americas where Christians were bloodthirsty invaders.

  • Where the CHIPS Act money has gone
  • The idea of this act wasn't to make chips cheaper. It was to bring semiconductor manufacturing home instead of relying on China. They were always going to be more expensive because we can't compete with slave labor or a complete lack of environmental regulations. Price was the reason we were making them in China in the first place.