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If you suddenly found yourself teleported into a Minecraft world, how scared of dying would you be compared to before?
  • Here's the thing that makes Minecraft's world so much more dangerous: we have life-threatening creatures in the real world too, but they are living creatures bound to the laws of ecology; if you build a city without large herbivores, you can be sure that this city won't have tigers in it, because they need those to live. A tiger would need to physically walk from the forest to the city, with ample opportunity of getting spotted. Hell, killing the last tiger is a safe way to never have to worry about them again, since they need to reproduce sexually, and if there are no tigers left in an area then no new ones will appear out of nowhere.

    Minecraft creatures, meanwhile, do appear out of nowhere. It doesn't matter if you've depleted the world of every last zombie, new ones can spawn absolutely anywhere, even within the safest possible area, all it takes is a small corner of mild darkness. Or does it? Because i've had random mobs spawn in extremely well-lit built environments where i was convinced they couldn't.

    Minecraft's creatures cannot be definitively excluded from an area, nowhere is really safe beyond doubt even if the place is built entirely out of light-emitting blocks.

    Then again, people do live in areas with venomous snakes and scorpions, those have a similar "potentially anywhere" threat as Minecraft mobs, yet people seem fine. They don't live in fear all the time. Then again again, snakes and scorpions are passive and only attack if you make physical contact with them, whereas Minecraft mobs actively look for you.

    So yeah, nowhere is truly safe in Minecraft, there's genuinely always a possibility that you'll need to defend yourself from some horror.

  • Vote out the career politicians who don't really give a shit about you
  • Right so i didn't know exactly when a candidate has to be 35 (at time of nomination, election day, investiture...); if it's investiture then an AOC candidature is technically possible, though i think we'd have heard about it by now if she had that intention

  • Vote out the career politicians who don't really give a shit about you
  • Replacing Biden was always a good idea, and the opposition always had the argument of "Biden is unfit for the presidency yet is still being pushed by his party, therefore the Democratic party is dumb"; but now prominent Democrats have (correctly in my opinion) called for Biden to be replaced. So there's no going back now. If they don't, the oppisition now has an even stronger argument: "Biden is unfit for the presidency, members of his own party have called for his replacement, yet he hasn't been replaced, therefore the Democratic party is really dumb".

    Finding a candidate that energizes voters and creates a big turnout is hard, but not impossible, the 2020 primaries have minted several candidates and raised their profile.

    Funnily enough, AOC turns 35 this October, she's too young by like a few months if i get this right?

  • Sacrilege rule
  • I really like the comparison of analog media with camping!

    Since owning a CD player i use my CDs more now than i did in 2010. Unfortunately Discogs shipping fees mean i can't buy most of the things i want

  • Rule elitism
  • It's not even a matter of bullying: NFTs disappeared because they were fundamentally not viable, and there's a good chance that generative AI is also not viable.

    Generating an output is extremely computationally expensive, which is a problem because you need several attempts to get an acceptable output (at least in terms of images). This service can't stay free or cheap forever, and once it starts being expensive, that's also a problem in itself since generative AI is most suited to generate large amounts of low-profit content.

    For example, earlier this month, Deviantart highlighted a creator that they claimed to be one of their highest earners; they made $25k "in less than a year", which is not much for the highest earner, and they did it by posting over NINE THOUSAND images in that time. They were selling exlusives for less than $10.

    The only way this makes sense is if it's really cheap to generate that many images. Even a moderate price, multiplied by 9000, multiplied by the number of attempts each time, would have destroyed their already middling profit.

  • I'm just gonna stick to slotted, thanks
  • So square is a close second in terms of quality, while being vastly simpler and cheaper to manufacture. Seems to me like i'd prefer square.

    Also i'd be terrified of getting dirt in a torx screw, good luck cleaning it to make it usable again. Though i haven't actually had this problem personally so it's just a hunch

  • 70%
  • Ironically, i feel like you're putting too much emotional stock in what it means to vote. You're not cheering at the person, you're not signaling as a fan of theirs, you're not even actually giving them approval in a way that matters; all you're doing is influencing the course of which party gains power, and in this case it makes a significant difference.

    Some people can't affort another Trump presidency. People of color and LGBT and homeless people in many states (i guess every state?) would suffer the consequences a lot more than you and me, whereas the consequences of a second democratic term (Biden or otherwise) are a lot more nuanced. The differences between a republican or democrat administration sure matter to them, and our ideological purity does not.

    We have a mechanism to put bad people in power instead of the worst, this is a meaningful difference, all it costs is some personal discomfort, and it does not replace whatever else you're doing in terms of activism. You can do both.

  • Why is my Twitter feed full of right-wing content when I don't consume political content?
  • I don't understand how people use the For You feed and still stay on Twitter.

    My approach to Twitter is the same as every other social media: follow accounts that i'm interested in and browse the Follows feed in chronological order, completely ignoring algo recommendations. So i'm counting on accounts i follow to either post goot stuff or retweet it, which they do. They also retweet crap sometimes, but not nearly as much as i would get in For You.

  • 70%
  • Ok well if there's a lesser evil then that's a settled question, you vote for the lesser evil. This is the sad reality of electoral politics.

    Electoral politics can't advance the causes we care about, but they can prevent the worst case scenario, which is absolutely worth it and we have a moral duty to do it.

  • 70%
  • Democrats represent the same center-right politics that has ruled America in decades past, though in recent years they've been a little bit amenable to progressive policies (see Inflation Reduction Act, which included $783 billion on energy and climate change among other things); this is of course extremely faint praise, but it is what it is.

    Meanwhile, the Republican party has detailed plans to orchestrate a fascist takeover.

    Support for Israel is controversial within the Democratic party and they're at least susceptible to militant influence; the Republican party, meanwhile, has no reason to ever moderate their support for a genocide.

    Nobody's happy to vote Democrat, but they absolutely represent the lesser of two evils. This is observable evidence, but it does have the downside that it doesn't make you look smarter than everyone else, so i understand if you don't want it.

  • After eight years, i resigned as a moderator of my community

    I've been the main moderator of the same community since 2016. This evening, i approved my last comment.

    I'm leaving for two reasons:

    1. Reddit went public a week ago. I didn’t volunteer to work for a publicly traded company, i volunteered to work for a community. As long as i live under capitalism i accept that my labor will generate value for shareholders, but damned if i ever do it for free. (this is not a Faulkner quote)

    2. April 1st is coming and i'm scared they might do another r/place. Doing in r/place 2022 and 2023 has left me dejected and bitter and i don't want to feel obligated to participate again.

    Leaving felt like ripping myself off of something warm i've been comfortably glued to for a long time. Still recommend it for anyone still giving Reddit shareholders free labor


    EDIT: there are too many comments to respond to, but i've appreciated all of them! Thank you


    most relevant meme

    today i remembered an idea for a meme that i had years ago and forgot about, enjoy


    How to keep a man


    never buying this again


    I suddenly don’t want cake…


    This community wouldn't be complete without an old Marilyn Manson video


    Millions of years after their deaths, we still torture dinosaurs by molding food in their image and making them relive the experience


    Was the description here written by ChatGPT?

    It kinda reads like that. Curious if there's business to be made in using AI to generate industrial amounts of low-quality spam, and if AI has any other use cases.


    How well-archived is Reddit?

    Whenever a forum dies, a lot of answered questions are lost that would have been useful to people googling it in the future.

    Reddit is like the mother of all forums, and it also has had a lot of internet history being made on it.

    I really think we need a Reddit archive that is availabel for random people from Google. The best case scenario is that Reddit just limps on for years, therefore doing this conservation work better than anyone else could.


    I'm trying Soulseek and people download the most obscure stuff

    Almost always my movies even though i have tons of music, and always the most obscure shit. I have Disney movies and Breaking Bad, but people go for the auteur french sci-fi animated features.

    Soulseek gives me much the same joy of sharing as torrent does, perhaps more so because it's one-on-one with a username instead of an IP.

    It's very easy to contribute to Soulseek as opposed to torrent, you just mark your shared folders. I think there's probably more content as a result, at the cost of the inefficiency of multiple people offering the same thing. Which i'm not sure matters.

    I don't know if the rooms are really worth it. You only get the messages starting when you logged in, so you can't catch up to what happened before; this problem is particularly relevant because most rooms are dead; those that aren't dead consist of a lot of vicious arguments; and it's live chat anyway, never my favorite format for discussion.

    I prefer Soulseek to eMule just because it works, but i also found it simpler.

    Unfortunately my VPN doesn't play well with Soulseek, apparently it doesn't support port forwarding? I'm not sure how to fix this. It may in fact have been a problem when torrenting too the whole time and i didn't notice.

    Overall i really enjoy Soulseek and will probably always have it in the background, it's pretty great!




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