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Hamas leader said civilian death toll could benefit militant group in Gaza war
  • ...and why do they fight over the land? Could it maybe have a little something to do about the various nonsense they believe that was made up by un-scientific societies from 1500-3000 years ago?

    Stop trying to make it a recent conflict over something logical when it clearly isn't.

  • Hamas leader said civilian death toll could benefit militant group in Gaza war
  • So you're just gonna ignore the reason why they fight to begin with? So they can just do exactly the same thing again in a year or two cause the primary reason remain?

    They can't coexist with make-belief-reasons to kill each other.

  • rule
  • No, not really?

    In this case it's a response to a pretty obnoxious comment. You could argue that the comment op is acting like an apple fan, ms fan or any kind of thing fan that enters a conversation.

    It can't be answered in this context, cause there is no context in the post.

  • I'm just a person
  • Bull. The old ladys back home loved nothing more than to gossip and discuss the way people decided to look. They drew the line at people who can't help the way they look. Pretty solid logic if you ask me.

  • LGA-1700 CPU for virtualization?

    I'm in the process of finding a server to run as a homlab. It will be running proxmox VE and have a couple of machines running at a time for testing purposes. These machines will run anything from server 2022 to debian and various other distros depending on what I wanna fiddle around with.

    Does anyone have any experience with Xeon E-2400 Cores or their subsequent "consumer" variants in intel 14000-series running proxmox?

    From what i gather in the forums there is a pretty substantial performance difference between e-cores and p-cores which are present in the Raptor Lake CPU's

    So the question is: Would you rather have a Xeon E-2400 8C/16T CPU or an i9 14900 8p16E/32T in a proxmox hypervisor?

    Anyone else?
  • Cersei Lannister - Lena Heady must get just as much of random hate from people as Jack Gleeson does.

    Vincent D'Onofrio probably gets a lot of weird interactions from people that saw him in daredevil or Full metal jacket too.

  • What happened to "stoner" comedies?
  • Två main reasons:

    1. Medium budget films are not economically viable anymore. 30-75 million dollar films where these comedies would fall are too risky and don't pay off.
    2. Comedies have been made into comicbook-movies. I hate it.
  • Who's due a refresh?
  • Nashville. Keep the colors, but trash that awful sabertooth. I find that most teams that have cats as logos are awful. Panthers (both hockey and American handegg), Lions etc.

    There has to be a cool visual idea for a predator that also ties to the paleontology-theme that they are going for due to Nashville having so many fossils.

  • Help me get started with VPN
  • Personally I would have gone for OpenVPN access server on Debian. Fairly simple and well documented for those starting out.

    I have used and worked with OpenVPN connect on android, PC and Mac.

  • Feedback on Network Design and Proxmox VM Isolation
  • By making a bridge in the opensense interfaces you have created a layer2 network. This means that all the devices connected on that network are broadcasting their Mac addresses and are added to the ARP table on the opensense. Since they all are on the same physical network and the same subnet, none of the traffic will ever hit the layer 3 rules on your opensense.

    If you want opensense to handle the rules of the traffic you will need to put the devices on different subnets and separate clans. Create a gateway address for every vlan on the opensense and point your devices to the opensense as their gateway.

  • Tack för VAR

    Fotbollsdamerna vann precis åttondelen mot USA tack vare rättvisans teknik. Inför skiten i Allsvenskan därmed bums. Heja Sverige!

    Vad tycker ni om VAR?


    Detta är alltså det nya kravet som Erdogan har ställt för att öppna vägen för Sverige in i NATO.

    Jag är lutar åt den lite mer cyniska åsikten att han enbart gör detta utspel för att skapa en catch-22 situation.

    • Turkiet vill in i EU
    • EU ställer krav på Turkiet som de aldrig kommer att uppfylla.
    • Turkiet säger att de inte kan släppa in Sverige i NATO

    Etc ad nauseam