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Guess he gets twitter/X idk
  • Oh my god are you really telling me there's a way for me to find joy or just some sort of positive feeling for doing something? I honestly struggle just to move it seems like most days and without my ADD medicine I can barely get the energy to function it seems... If there was a way to rewire that reward system so I just felt some sort of accomplishment when I did something instead of just that feeling of okay that's done now there's more junk to do and I hate my life in everyday.... And I've got no reason to I've got a great life I think I can afford to eat I've got a roof over my head I've got a job but just I can' (I've tried antidepressants in the past and they were not very helpful... I think ultimately an exercise routine another things are needed but for the moment I just wanted to add this aside)

    i've tried nothing and I'm all out of ideas man....

  • The mask ban shit is unreal.
  • You know you just said that and it is literally the first time it has ever occurred to me. Because I hear these people make the masks don't work argument and okay fine they don't work sure I didn't get COVID or sick while I was using one though...

    And to point out that hospitals use them and it does significantly reduce infection. Why the hell would anyone care what anyone else is wearing...

    Like for example I like monster magnet... They are a b level stoner rock band that I thoroughly enjoy and they gladly talk about drugs and evil and whatnot in a dumb stoner rock story way right. I have a shirt on the back of it says it's a satanic drug thing you wouldn't understand... I don't wear that shirt out often or ever yet because quite frankly I feel like it'd be inappropriate to wear because there's kids and polite company about. I'll wear it to a death metal show if I'm going to go to one but I'm not going to wear it on an average Tuesday. As long as it doesn't affect anyone else why would you care In this case my shirt could be offensive to people and I understand it and that's why I don't necessarily wear it. But a mask doesn't offend anyone unless the front of the mask says something asinine... If people want to wear masks let them who cares

  • Ron DeSantis signing new law about killing bears raises eyebrows
  • Thank God he's protecting us from black bears The only bear that we can scare away. If a grizzly is coming at you unless you got a really powerful weapon you're done and if a polar bear notices you you're done. Black bear wave your arms and run at it and it's scared away.. there's a video of two old people walking out of their house with a black bear on the porch.... They don't see the black bear but it sees them and turns around running scared as hell....

  • The mask ban shit is unreal.
  • Like for real what is the point of it it's like banning flip-flops that are blue it doesn't affect anyone of something person wearing the mask. If I'm not making you have to wear a mask when you go outside then shut up about it man. If I feel safer wearing when I feel safer wearing one it's not the end of the world I feel safe wearing a hat sometimes.... We're not going to ban all hats it's my choice to wear the damn hat... If I want to wear a mask I can wear a mask.