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SPAIN have beaten France 2-1 to book their spot in Sunday's huge Euro 2024 final
  • I well over legal age to drink before he was even born and I'm a millennial. Man, when did we get old???

    Also, he's awesome. Really excited to see him in the final. What a birthday present that would be, eh?

  • Steam deck for a TV party game emulation machine?
  • I regularly use mine as a couch co-op party system, though usually we are playing Steam games, not emulated games. I have played emulated WiiU, Wii, PS2, GameCube games, however, and have found that multi-controller support can be a pain with the emulators needed to play.

    Hardware wise, it's rock solid for Bluetooth controllers up to four, but no more. If you need more than four controllers, you will want to wire them in with a USB hub. We've played plenty of six-person Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles brawler using four Xbox controllers, one person with a wired steam controller, and one person holding the steam deck as the last controller.

    If you go for older retro games, N64 or earlier, it gets a lot easier as retroarch is easy to play around with in game mode, where if you need to get into dolphin or something you have to go into desktop mode to make tweaks and it's just a pain, imo. This is why we typically play older stuff or steam stuff. Steam stuff is easy because it just works.

    It's also super portable and I can bring the whole setup in a backpack and just requires a USB C laptop charger, my usb c dock and a HDMI cord.

  • AOC wants to impeach SCOTUS justices following Trump immunity ruling
    1. fair point, agreed. I typically like things that move with changing times so the same logic works in 100, 200 years. Ages are more static than dollar amounts. Not tying the gas tax or minimum wage to inflation or cost of living has put us in a major bind, which is what I was thinking about.

    2. Let them play that game (and hopefully get caught). Better than the in-the-open shit they do now. At least try

    3. I'd rather it not specify so we can play around changing it with laws instead of having it hard coded in the constitution. There are ones that I like even more than straight ranked choice. Just get rid of the EC, though maybe just dictating ranked choice would be the right move.

  • What's stopping him?
  • The thing is that they would just not dissolve and say he has no power to do so. Biden is immune from prosecution for this, but he doesn't have power to dissolve congress and would ignore him.

    What he could do is say that congress (or Trump or SCOTUS for that matter) are a threat to the nation and then have them assassinated or imprisoned. Based on this ruling, he'd be immune from prosecution for this act and would effectively dissolve them by force.

    The fact that it almost incentives the president to take the most extreme and authoritarian action is the scariest part of this ruling to me.

  • AOC wants to impeach SCOTUS justices following Trump immunity ruling
  • Articles of impeachment is fine as this process stinks and I think this court failed, but we really, long-term, we need a constitutional amendment to make it clear that this is not okay.

    I love the constitution, wonderful framework, but it needs the following amendments:

    1. Anti-corruption measures on the judiciary (looking at you Thomas). Provide some teeth to enforce recusal and avoid conflicts of interest.

    2. Term limits for justices and age limits on all elected/appointed officials at the highest level (justices, pres/VP, congress). Tie those to either the retirement age or a percentage of life expectancy (as we get older as a society, and work into our later years, federal officials should be able to remain longer too).

    3. Divestment requirements for all federal elected and appointed officials. i.e. no more insider trading, sorry.

    4. Replace the electoral college with a popular vote.

    5. Replace the filibuster with nothing. Fuck that thing. Let the legislators legislate. If, whatever it is, is a bad idea, it'll be shown to be a bad idea and the next congress will fix it. This is especially important now that Chevron is no more. The court just replaced rules created by executive offices with the most dysfunctional branch of government (congress) without any prospect of undysfuctionalizing themselves.

    6. Congress shouldn't be allowed to block supreme court justices without a vote. Once they are announced, they have X days to approve/deny or they are auto-approved.

    7. (edit) I can't believe this has to be done, but the President is not above the law. The president must follow the law while in office, following "official acts" or not. This is a fucking democracy, not a dictatorship.

    While I know there are other ways to approach a lot of these and those ways are easier is not the point of my post. These are things that the constitution is currently WRONG about and it should just be fixed.

  • Trump trusted more than Biden on democracy among key swing-state voters
  • This is not really that surprising. Trump's line is that Biden "stole" the 2020 election. People who believe the big lie actually think that Biden circumvented democracy. There's no clear thing to fix this, that I can think of.

    The only good thing with this in my mind is that, in their minds, they think they're protecting democracy by voting for Trump, which means, if you take away the lies and fraud, the norms/belief/expectations of democracy including peaceful of transfer of power and regular elections are still expected to happen. Once the liars stop lying to them, our democracy should kind of self correct. The downside is they're too far invested in Trump to recognize that democracy might be taken from them by a dictator and they'll believe they still have power.

    Our best hope is that, once Trump dies or is out of the picture, no one else can capture their imagination the way he has and he was a one-off. However it's a big country and I think Trump might be just a blueprint for someone with higher aspirations than just narcissistic personal benefit.

  • When does investing become gambling?
  • So emojis like this are the internet equivalent of the cockney rhyming slang, innit? I immediately translated that, but someone, in one hundred years with no knowledge of 2020s meme culture will think it's complete gibberish.

  • The Acolyte discussion and review megathread
  • I thought the Mandalorian was anything but subtle about it's western roots, not that I minded. It had pretty much every western trope you could think of. Showdowns, savior of the town, making peace with the natives, town needs a sheriff, cowboy father figure...the list goes on.

  • Fallout TV Show Could Now Last Five Seasons After ‘Immensely Surprising’ Popularity, Say Creators
  • It's how the games are though. The different Fallout games exist in The same universe, but don't involve the same characters every time. I'd love it to be a combo, do 2 or 3 seasons of this set of characters. Tell their story. Then do Fallout: Alaska or whatever, a completely separate series, with a tie-in or two.