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The truth...
  • I actually have to disagree with this. They are the underdogs. Democrats and traditional Republicans are the establishment. Just because you're a resistance movement doesnt make you automatically good. Castro led a resistance movement and now it's a dictatorship.

  • The experience that made me hate programming, but that's all on me
  • Honestly I worry about the use of ChatGPT on programmers. Training your eyes and brain to see things takes time. I know the suits just want production but I’d rather have better programmers.

    Of course, I could just be old.

  • Hero
  • I'm sorry, but this has nothing to do with capitalism. If we were under a king, you'd still have to schmooze the king. Socialism may give you money to feed yourself, but it won't pay you to do science. An economic system doesn't prevent you from needing interpersonal skills.

  • The lunch rush is dead as Americans live for the weekend, office workers are pinching lunchtime pennies
  • People own their own businesses in Japan. it's much more common than in the US. So they get to keep the profits rather than it going to some corporate entity. Much more efficient economically. It helps to have universal health care since it takes that expense out of the equation.

  • How is testing?

    I usually switch to testing about 1 year after the release of stable. We're about the 9 month mark and I'm getting anxious. Any major issues running testing? This is for my main desktop.


    O365 email local cache

    Work uses O365 and I'm getting a little frustrated with OWA. Thinking about running a local email server to mirror O365. In the end, I want to keep my email in O365, but have a 2 way sync with a local imap server. Looks like I have a few options on the email server - dovecot/cyrus/stalwart. For the syncing, I just see mbsync. Any experience setting up something similar? Any other options other than what I listed?

    Edit: IT knows what I'm doing. I'm not going to compromise any compliance requirements we have.